Things to keep in mind when choosing a chemical peel treatment

Things to keep in mind when choosing a chemical peel treatment

Everything you want to know about chemical peels.

Written by Mansi Kohli |Updated : January 12, 2018 12:11 PM IST

Chemical peels provide an array of benefits like textural improvement, rejuvenation, hydration and improvement in photodamage, acne and post-acne marks, skin lightening and pigmentation. However, the benefits depend on the nature of peel used. Dr Madhuri Agarwal, founder and medical director of Yavana Aesthetics Clinic helps us in exploring the how and why of chemical peel treatments.

What to expect from a chemical peel treatment? It starts with your dermatologist preparing your skin for the peel to ensure optimum results. Then depending on the type of peel applied the procedure details will vary. Most common chemical treatment procedures are:

There are peels that are applied and kept for few minutes by the dermatologist and then removed by a neutralizing solution or water compresses.

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Then there are leave-on peels that the dermatologist will apply as couple of layers, send you home and ask you to wash after few hours.

The skin may feel dull, dark and dry for 5-7 days after the peel. There may be flaking or visible peeling of the skin after the session and this is an expected effect. At the end of 5-7 days you will see an improvement in your skin. It will look more even, smoother and rejuvenated. Read: Chemical peels for beautiful skin.

Not all chemical peels will leave you with significant downtime. This is because not all chemical peels have significant downtime. Following appropriate aftercare regime for a couple of days is a must. Few medium to deep depth peels lead to peeling for few days. Alignment of the patient is important while deploying these peels. Winters are the best time for chemical peels.

Can chemical peels be done at home? Chemical peels are advised and administered by certified dermatologists or under their supervision to ensure that the safety is not compromised and efficacy is optimized. It is not advised to do chemical peels at home due to safety concerns. It can lead to burns, scarring, deep marks, worsening of skin problems when done by self at home.

Receiving a chemical peel is not a one-time solution: It is not a one-time solution as it requires multiple sessions and maintenance is essential for long-lasting results. The results of chemical peel vary depending on the of nature peel used. The results may last for at least a year or more when complemented with the use of appropriate sunscreen. The results also last depending on how deeply the skin was treated.

Cost of chemical peels: The cost depends on the type of peel used, the area treated with peels etc.

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