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Pranayam and yoga is helping actor Sudhanshu Pandey stay fit and healthy

Actor and singer Sudhanshu Pandey's believes that 80% body is made in kitchen and 20% in the gym.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Published : May 14, 2018 11:53 AM IST

Do you remember the tall, rough and tough guy from the song Meri Need Ud Gayi Hai ? Yes! We are talking about Sudhanshu Pandey who became an overnight singing sensation with India s first ever boy band A Band of Boys , due to his soulful singing. Ripped and rugged Sudhanshu made his foray into acting and was seen in the movies like Singh Is Kinng , Singham and so on. Now, fitness enthusiast Sudhanshu is back as a singer with his first solo teri Adaa . Here he decodes his keep-fit formula.

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Sudhanshu who never misses his fitness routine explains, Everyday, I wake up at 5:30 am. After completing my daily chores, I pray and start my day with pranayam, I do about 5 different pranayamas in the morning. This helps me to stay active and energetic throughout the day. Then, I also hit the gym and I do weight training or floor exercises and any form of cardio. I spend about an hour and half in the gym which also includes my warm-up and cool down as it is equally important like working out. I also perform stretches. I exercise for 6 days in a week and one day is the rest day.

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He adds, Fitness is wholesome and it is not limited to any particular body part. Also, one has to feel both mentally and physically fit. Starting my day with pranayam helps me to do so which in turn, helps me stay physically fit as well. As, if you are mentally strong, you will be physically strong as well. Since your mind has to be positive and strong to be able to push you physically to accomplish your goals.

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Sudhanshu who is a vegetarian follows a healthy and a well-balanced diet. He is a disciplined-eater and keeps his calories in check. I have an early breakfast which consists of 3 chapatis, vegetable with dal, a cup of milk or a milkshake. I get my proteins from dal, mushroom and broccoli. I also snack on dry fruits and couple of biscuits or a fruit. My lunch consists of 2-3 chapatis, subzi, dal and a little rice. After few hours, I have a bowl of curd with grapes and so on."

"After snacking I go for my evening walk. So, basically, I eat after every 2 hours. and I eat my last meal between 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. After which, I refrain from eating anything. But, if I feel like eating I eat watermelon which has a lot of water content. Sunday is my cheat day. I relax and try to eat sweets, desserts and so on. But, don't go overboard," highlights Sudhanshu.


He signed off by advising, Make sure you are doing some form of yoga or pranayama apart from your workout. It is very important to keep you mentally strong as it's the ultimate requirement. Now, due to a stressful lifestyle, it is imperative to take charge of your mental and physical health. So, exercise regularly and follow a nutritious diet.

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