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Post-pregnancy weight loss: Know how TV actress Mitaali Nag is getting back in shape

TV actress Mitaali Nag is following keto diet to shed her post-pregnancy weight.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Updated : May 16, 2018 11:13 AM IST

Beautiful TV actress Mitaali Nag who played the lead in Afsar Bitiya grabbed the eyeballs with her flawless acting and looks. Last year, she gave birth to a baby boy. Here, she tells you how she is losing her post-pregnancy weight. Mitaali swears by yoga, I practice Surya Namaskar several times a day whenever I am free and haven t eaten anything before an hour of doing it. It keeps me fit and fine. To shed my post pregnancy fat, I am following a keto diet. She adds, I work on my face and abdomen to shed that extra fat. To keep myself motivated, I dance as it gives me energy and I also watch a lot of fitness videos.

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Speaking about her diet she highlights, I am following keto diet popular for people who are looking for fast weight loss. It is a difficult diet to follow. Especially, for someone like me who has never followed any diet as such. But it is helping me a lot,. So I plan on continuing it till I reach my desired size and weight. Right no carbohydrates are a strict no-no for me. I make sure I eat in moderation and don t go overboard.

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Mitaali who cheats her diet after every 15 days informs, I plan my cheat days according to the cravings that I have which include South Indian cuisine, pizzas, papadams, chaat, pani puri and ice cream.

If you are trying to lose the post pregnancy weight, eat right and take regular walks till your doctor doesn t allow you to exercise. Also, the new mommies should be happy and stay healthy as it will reflect on your child, she concludes."

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