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From Face Masks To Sunbathing, Janhvi Kapoor's Weekend Beauty Routine For A Glowing Skin

Janhvi Kapoor believes that to have a perfect body, it is essential to keep your body and mind healthy. So, for the ideal figure and healthy lifestyle, Janhvi sweats in the gym daily; apart from this, she also does yoga.

Are you looking for some beauty inspiration to make your skin look hydrated and fresh? Well, look no more as here are some beauty secrets from Jahnavi Kapoor that you must know.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : January 31, 2022 5:49 PM IST

One of the most promising actors in the Indian film industry, Janhvi Kapoor has impressed everyone with her skills in different roles she has done so far. And she is also known for her beautiful skin and beauty, which obviously is inherited by her late mother, Sridevi. But, just because Janhvi is naturally gorgeous doesn't mean she doesn't have to take care of her skin; in fact, she, like the rest of us, must maintain her skin on a daily basis.

The actress recently took to her Instagram to share a glimpse into her beauty regimen. She shared a sneak peek of how she spent her weekend pampering herself with a self-care routine that involved her favourite things.

Janhvi Kapoor's Beauty Secrets For A Glowing Skin

Take a look at her beauty secrets for glowing skin:

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Check out Janhvi's self-care spending pampering her skin, sunbathing by the pool in the warm and cosy weather, and eating a healthy breakfast with eggs and strawberries.

Benefits of sunbathing: If done correctly, sunbathing, which is the act of sitting or reclining in the sun, sometimes with the purpose to tan, might have certain health benefits. Sun exposure aids the body's natural production of vitamin D. Although this vitamin is necessary, many people do not get enough of it. Some of the major benefits of sunbathing include reduced depression, better sleep, strong bones, boosted immunity and reduced preterm labour risk. But too much of anything can be harmful, so go in the sun for some time with sunscreen on.

Sheet Masks On

Janhvi posted photographs of herself applying beauty items to her face and relaxing with a sheet mask by the pool. Check out the post right here:

Benefits of sheet masks: Who doesn't love those sheets full of nourishment and beauty health benefits? Sheet masks are one of the quickest and simplest ways to instantly brighten your skin. Sheet masks, which are drenched in serum, benefit your skin in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of sheet mask you use, you can get several various benefits. There is a sheet mask for every skin type, whether your skin is oily, dry, or somewhere in the middle. It is believed that it provides hydration and restores the lost moisture of the skin and maintain the elasticity of the skin. Sheet masks also help unclog pores and block out all the pollutants. It also helps brighten up the skin and make it look fresh.

Note: Do talk to a dermatologist to know your skin type and buy the right products to address all your skin problems.

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