Actress Shweta Khanduri’s fitness and diet regime

'Fitness for me is being happy and healthy, mentally and physically,' says actress Shweta Khanduri

Actress Shweta Khanduri who will be seen playing a lead role opposite Krushna Abhishek and Mugdha Ghodse in the movie 'Jhunjhuna believes in trying her hand at various workouts by surprising her body. Here, she tells us how she keeps herself in top shape.

Shweta who often listens to her body and plans out her workout accordingly says, I hit the gym for 2 hours for at least 5 days a week and if I have to achieve a certain goal then my workout time may vary which includes functional and weight training and cardio. I also meditate and do yoga. I try variety of workouts to keep surprising my body.


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She adds, I concentrate more on my lower back as the muscles around the waist should be strong and my core muscles because if you core is strong you body is strong and this is essential for acquiring flat abs.

Shweta is a foodie and follows a healthy well-balanced diet. She avoids junk food pizza, burger, soft drinks and packed and preserved foodstuffs. She has a sweet tooth and cheats on her diet with sweets.

Shweta s diet:

Morning: A hot glass of water, followed by coconut water and sattu

Breakfast: Eggs, fruits and juices

Lunch: Chicken/fish/dal with some brown rice, curd, vegetables and salad

Evening snacks: Dry fruits / dry bhel/ or boiled eggs

Dinner: Soup, sorted vegetables or some chicken and salad

Before hitting the sack: A cup of green tea

She concludes, Observe your body as it gives you signals. Know what suits you and what doesn t and eat healthy.

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