Can lipsticks help to heal cracked lips?

Will it help to replace your lip balm with lipsticks? Find out what Dr Narmada Matang, Dermatologist, has to say!

During winters cracked lips become a very common occurrence. No matter what you do you cannot escape dry and flaky skin erupting all over your lips. For some, it could become so bad that they might bleed or get boils, if not treated the right way. We have to admit that dealing with cracked lips gets a bit annoying. Besides you also have to take care of other parts of the body which go dry during winters. However, Dr Narmada Matang, Dermatologist, Neo Skin Clinic, Powai suggests that lip care doesn t need too much to do, just regularly applying lip balms or gels can take care of the lips. Using coconut and argan oil-based products such as lip balms, scrubs and lipsticks, helps save lips from chapping, she says. Here are three reasons why you need sunscreens during winters.

But some swear by the lipsticks that they use and replace it with their lip balms or chap sticks. But can lipsticks really help you from healing chapped lips? We asked this question to Dr Narmada and here is what she had to say, Yes, of course, the latest trends of multitasking products are a boon to makeup products industry, in fact, most of the lipsticks come with moisturizes and with an SPF factor as well. If your lips are chapped and dry and you want to use a lipstick instead of a lip balm or Chap Stick make sure you use one with moisturizers. Here is how to choose the right lipstick for dark lips.

She suggests that despite the season choose a lipstick that can compliment your outfit. On one hand, it can transform your whole look with just one swipe of colour but keep in mind that it s not a makeup product which tends to last long and can look shabby by the end of the day. So, you have to keep on reapplying it numerous times through the day, especially if you aren t having your lip balm handy.

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However, keep in mind that some lipsticks make your lips look bad as you keep reapplying them over the dead skin. In such cases, it is better to moisturise your lips with some oil or lip balm before applying the colour.

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