Brown rice: The ultimate beauty enhancer

contains fibre and other essential minerals that has the potential to make your skin blemish-free. © Shutterstock

Brown rice is the healthy alternative for most people who love rice but avoid it because of its high carb content. It is also the perfect beauty enhancer. Read on to know more.

If you are working hard to stay in shape, you must be off carbs. And, the very mention of the word 'rice' must be conjuring up the fear of 'carbohydrates' in your mind. Most people who regularly hit the gym stay away from rice. But did you know that you can eat rice and keep a check on your carb intake too? Well, here we are talking about brown rice.

It is a whole grain that is nutritious, filling and contains less carbohydrates than white rice. It has a plethora of health benefits. From reducing your cholesterol level to preventing gallstones and keeping diabetes at bay, brown rice does it all for you. Not only this, it can also help you get the kind of skin you want. Yes, brown rice has beauty benefits too. And here we are going to discuss that in detail.

Makes your skin look flawless

Nobody wants to look bad. Every time we look in the mirror, we want to see our flawless skin. In today's world, where pollution and UV rays are everywhere, it is quite difficult to stay away from the dark spots and patches. But you do not need to worry. If nature gives you a problem, it has solutions too. In this case, it is brown rice. It contains fibre and other essential minerals that has the potential to make your skin blemish-free. Also, brown rice is rich in proteins that work as a powerful exfoliant. They promote cell growth and stimulate blood flow in our skin, giving us a vibrant and bright appearance.

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Prevents premature ageing

Due to the proteins present in brown rice, it can repair damaged skin and protect it from wrinkles and fine lines. Notably, fluctuating blood sugar levels cause stress. This is one of the leading causes of ageing. And brown rice contains complex carbohydrates that can help regulate blood sugar levels, thus preventing premature aging. Apart from eating brown rice, you can also apply it topically to prevent wrinkles.

Maintains elasticity of skin

Brown rice contains selenium, which has the potential to maintain your skin's elasticity and reduce skin inflammation, says a research conducted at the Assumption University. To use it for this purpose, you can make a face pack from brown rice. To do that, take 2 tablespoons of brown rice and grind them. Now add 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt and half a tablespoon of ground rice in the mixture. Apply on face. Rinse it off with warm water after 10 minutes. Make sure you repeat this process twice a week.

Treats acne

Antioxidants, vitamins and magnesium present in brown rice can potentially protect your skin from blemishes and acne breakouts. You may be thinking that using white rice can also do the same. Well, its use leads to insulin production that triggers production of sebum on the skin. And, as you know, excess sebum on the skin can result in acne breakouts. Brown rice effectively prevents this problem. Also, it contains astringent and cooling properties, which soothes the burns and helps reduce the redness surrounding the acne.

Cures eczema

Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a skin condition characterised by red and itchy skin. Though it is commonly found in children, eczema can occur in people of any age. Brown rice contains starch in high amount that works effectively in soothing eczema. To use it for this purpose, you can dip a clean cloth in brown rice water and gently pat the affected area with it. Repeat the process for five minutes and let it air dry. For better results, do this twice a day for 10 days straight.

Soothes rashes and sunburns

Brown rice has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. This is what helps it in handling rashes and sunburns. These properties can help in the speedy recovery of burnt skin and protect it from forming any marks. To use brown rice for this purpose, you just need to apply brown rice water on the affected area once a day. You will notice the difference immediately.

Heals damaged hair

To keep your hair shiny and healthy, you need to provide it with various minerals and nutrients. And brown rice is a powerhouse of nutrition. It treats the scalp and hair roots, preventing hair from breaking, thus putting an end to hair loss. Brown rice is also jam-packed with proteins known to encourage cell growth and blood supply to the scalp. This makes it a perfect ingredient to treat damaged hair.

Acts as a good hair conditioner

Brown rice is full of nutrients, fibre and starch which can potentially help our tresses to be healthy and shiny. If you want to make a natural brown rice hair conditioner, add a few drops of essential oil in a cup of brown rice water and blend it well. Clean your hair with shampoo. Then apply this mixture after you are done shampooing it. Now, leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash it off using cold water. Repeat this process every time you take a head bath.

Treats dandruff

Are you frustrated by the white flakes decorating your shoulder? If yes, then try this natural remedy to tackle stubborn dandruff. Being jam-packed with selenium, brown rice can potentially decrease dandruff. Regularly using it can also ensure growth of healthy hair. To use brown rice for this purpose, you need to massage your hair and scalp with freshly made rice water twice a week. Doing this will ensure proper blood flow and nutrient supply to your hair follicles.

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