Brazilian waxing: 4 things you must do before going to the beauty parlour

Basic tips to follow before you go for Brazilian waxing.

If you re doing Brazilian waxing for the first time, it can feel a bit daunting. Going au naturel in an unfamiliar setting in front of a stranger can get a bit embarrassing. But, as someone who does Brazilian waxing regularly, let me assure you that you quickly lose this awkwardness by your third or fourth Brazilian waxing appointment. You come to understand that it s really not a big deal, especially to the beautician who is doing all the work down there. Don t forget that your beautician probably does about 5-6 Brazilian waxing appointments every day and has probably already seen about thousands of hoohahs in her entire career. Having said that, there are certain things you must take care of before going for your Brazilian waxing session. Don t assume that just because you go to a particular beautician, she s used to your hygiene standards or that she wouldn t complain if your areas weren t groomed and cared for properly. It s basic decency to make sure that Brazilian waxing is as comfortable for her as it is for you. Here are certain points that my beautician asks me to do before a Brazilian waxing appointment to get smooth and clean down there.

1) Clean the area thoroughly: By clean we mean using a soap and water and washing the area gently. Ideally, it would be best for you to go right after you take a bath. You should reach your parlour within one hour of washing the area. Read: Should you do Brazilian waxing when you're on your periods?

2) Exfoliate: Be very careful while doing so. You can skip this step if you are not comfortable with this. A couple of days before the session, use a gentle body scrub to exfoliate areas like the bikini line and labia. Don't exfoliate any other areas as they are very sensitive. Remember to use a really soft exfoliating scrub and be very gentle with the movements. The idea behind doing this is that when you exfoliate all around the pubic hair, you remove the dry, dead skin. This makes your skin smoother and also makes the hair removal process easier.

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3) Don t do workouts before or after Brazilian waxing: Don t go to the salon after gymming because you don t want any sweat around your pubic area. Make sure you don t sweat even after the waxing session as it can create irritation and friction and lead to boils.

4) Use the washroom: Right before the waxing session, it would be a good idea to pee. You shouldn t get up in the middle of the session to use the washroom. Make sure you thoroughly clean and dry the area after peeing.

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