Beauty Tip #43 -- Get fuller-looking lips with home-made sugar scrub

If you've been wanting your lips to look fuller and rather pouty for a while now, then a sugar scrub could be the answer. If you have dry lips and are prone to using cosmetics every day then it's only beneficial that you treat your lips with a home-made sugar lip scrub. This scrub also acts as a great cleanser, making your lips looks healthy and pink.

For the lip scrub: Take some sugar and mix with 2-3 drops of lemon and water. Mix these ingredients well. You could either dip a cotton ball into this mixture or spread out the sugar scrub on a tooth brush with soft bristles for application. This remedy acts as a nourishing scrub and exfoliates the lips.It helps stimulate circulation when applied in proper circular motions.

Massaging your lips with the lip scrub is also a great way to exercise the lip muscles. This makes the lips look healthier and bigger. This scrub hence releases all the dead skin cells and helps in deep lip cleansing. The sugar and lemon exfoliation is also an ideal remedy to lighten dark lips. Know more on how to lighten dark lips naturally, here. To complete this lip care regime, you could also moisturise your lips with honey after you have washed off the lip scrub. Leave on the honey for at least 15-20 minutes and then wash off with water. You can also try an alternative like the pomegranate scrub with milk to help your lips look bigger, here is how.

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For softer lips and better lip care, instead of regular use of lipsticks it is preferable to use a tinted lip balm. Make-up artist Kari Bauce suggests, Tinted versions of lip balm will make your lips moist as they are on the waxier side while giving colour too. Consider it to be chapstick with colour. You could also look at lip gloss as an alternative to lipsticks. Your lips will stay smooth and shiny thanks to ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter. It also requires little-to-no touch-ups throughout the day. Read here to know more on better lipcare.

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