Beauty Tip #42 -- Get rid of tanned skin with saffron or kesar

Saffron or kesar with milk is a easy and useful home remedy to get rid of tanned skin.

Saffron or kesar is a traditional beauty ingredient commonly found in Indian households. It is definitely the most expensive of spices but it is highly beneficial for skin's health. It purifies the skin naturally, it also has anti-bacterial properties to reduce acne. Kesar works on enhancing the skin's quality as it cleanses it from all the clogged dirt. It improves complexion by lightening the skin tone and helps remove tan as well.

Skin tanning is caused due to sun exposure and a few home remedies can help you get rid of it. However, one needs to keep in mind that there is nothing that can help remove a tan overnight. Home remedies like saffron and a combination of ingredients with it are a better option than bleaching the skin. Bleaching causes excessive dryness, burning and further darkening. It also reduces the smoothness of your skin to a large extent.

Tip: You can reduce tan with some saffron and milk. Soak saffron in milk cream or malai and leave it overnight. Mix this in the morning with your fingers and apply on the affected area. Alternatively, you could also try soaking some chironji or sunflower seeds and saffron in milk, for a night. Blend this into a fine consistency before applying. Massage this mixture on the required areas and apply well. You will find your tan reduce considerably with regular use of these ingredients. This remedy also leaves a fresh glow on your face. Know how to make more face packs with kesar, here.

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