Beauty secrets of Kylie Minogue revealed

Kylie1Ever wondered how Kylie Minogue manages to look so fresh and radiant most of the time? Apart from her skincare routine, it is also her make-up which works for her. Her make-up artist Christian Vermaak reveals her beauty secrets here.

'Kylie's dewiness is all down to creamy products and minimal powder. I avoid prepping her skin with moisturiser as the foundation would just slide off,' quoted Vermaak as saying.

For her voluminous eyes, the make-up expert said that he always starts with one coat of mascara to give the eyes shape.

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'I don't use too much colour on Kylie's eyes; she prefers golden-pinks and neutrals and we tend to go for cream shadows for an over-all dewy finish,' said Vermaak. You too can experiment with make-up to hide your facial flaws with these tips.

'I use black kohl along her upper lash line and flick it out, up and out towards the end of her brow. I go over that with a liquid black liner, really getting it in between the lashes for depth,' he added. Kajal or kohl can really enhance your beauty. Read how to make your eyes look more beautiful using kohl.

He also adds mascara before brushing up her brows and applying Benefit's Brow Zing with an angled brush to elongate the length.

Another celebrity make-up artist Gina Brooke, who has a client le which includes the likes of Madonna and Anne Hathaway reveals how she preps their skin.

'I prep Madonna's skin using an oxygen skin treatment by infusing vitamins A, E, C, green tea extract, aloe vera and a low molecular weight of hylaronic acid to revive, rejuvenate and protect the skin against free radicals and harsh environments. This specific treatment takes approximately 40 minutes followed by a primer to prep the skin before make-up,' says Gina.

As for Anne's skin she says, 'Anne Hathaway also has beautiful skin, however, our skin is receptive to our environment and when working in New York during the winter months, the extreme weather can affect her skin. I prep her skin using acold mask loaded with hylaronic acid for hydration. This is followed by a moisturiser using low molecular weights of hylaronic acid mixed with a vitamin C booster to brighten the skin. This takes appropriately 15-20 minutes before make-up.' Read beauty secrets of Indian beauties like Sonam Kapoor and Yami Gautam.

With inputs from IANS.

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