Beauty secrets of Kareena, Aishwarya, Halle Berry and other style icons

aishwarya-raiThe world may ardently follow what our top-ranked A-listers wear on major red carpets (the Oscars, Cannes, and the Golden Globes). But our fascination with style icons doesn't end there. There is a lot to be learned from the world's most beautiful women on how they got there from the willowy figure of Nicole Kidman, to the flowing tresses of Kareena Kapoor and the flawless skin of Michelle Yeoh.

Interestingly, it's not always just the products and treatments that renowned beauties indulge in. For many, pristine skin and healthy bodies come in the most unlikely ways.

Home remedies

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Cate Blanchett uses oil of macadamia and olive on her skin to add that soft finish. Actress Emma Stone swears by grapeseed oil. Aishwarya Rai, considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, uses a home-made mix of gram flour, turmeric and milk to keep her skin flawless, as well as yoghurt scrubs and cucumber slices under the eyes. Michelle Yeoh cleanses her face with lemon juice infused water while Scarlett Johansson believes in the power of apple cider vinegar on her face.

Coffee grounds

Halle Berry makes her own body scrub by mixing coffee grounds with her shower gel. It stimulates blood flow and exfoliates the skin. A caffeine based mixture is also said to temporarily diminish the look of a sagging jaw line.

Mashed strawberries

Mashed strawberries mixed with honey, avocados or yoghurt can bring on a healthy radiance to the skin. But Catherine Zeta-Jones also uses the juicy red fruit to whiten teeth. Strawberries contain malic acid, a natural whitening agent.

Head massages

Bollywood mega-star Kareena Kapoor swears by warm oil head massages to bring that soft shine to her hair. Olive, castor, coconut or almond all work. A great second benefit: You'll get an encompassing sense of relaxation, which is always a beauty plus.

Mini workouts

Snatch spare moments to burn a few calories - Yeoh stretches and squats while brushing her teeth. Jessica Biel squats against a wall several times a day, especially when on the phone!

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