Beauty Product Review: Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash and Face Scrub

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy face scrub and face wash is worth a try. Check out my review.

I do not hit the sack without a proper skincare routine cleaning, toning and moisturising. While I do not experiment with too many new products for skincare, a friend asked me to try Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash and Face Scrub from Netsurf. The vitamin therapy sounded kind of interesting, so I decided to give it a try. I got in touch with the brand and they sent me a face wash and a scrub for reviewing.

Packaging: Both Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy face wash and face scrub come in a white tube. The cap is a flip top, which I like as they are very user-friendly.

Vitamin Therapy Face Scrub

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It is an herbal face scrub that contains apricot that exfoliates dead cells and dirt and clears skin pores. The strawberry extract helps to tone and lighten the skin. Vitamin E protects and repairs the skin.

Texture of the scrub is grainy, like other face scrub and is not too harsh on the face.

My experience: I massaged the scrub gently for 2-3 minutes on my damp face like I do with other scrubs. Just to check if the product causes any irritation, I did not apply any moisturiser post that. To my surprise, there was no irritation and there was a definite glow on my face. The product claims that regular use will give you a clear and rejuvenated skin, and I think it did quite that. Moreover, it is herbal, so it is safe for use for all skin types. Considering the low price of the product, 45g for only Rs. 130, it is worth a buy. Also, try using this exfoliating homemade sea salt face scrub.

Vitamin Therapy Face Wash

The face wash contains vitamin B3, which is an anti-acne agent. It also contains wheat protein that nourishes and soothes the skin and also helps reduce wrinkles.

Texture: The face wash is a little bit watery so spread it quickly. There was a little bit of stickiness, but as I had to clean it quickly, I did not mind that much. It spreads well and is easy to clean off.

My experience: I used the tulsi face wash. It was no doubt refreshing, but since I already have a very dry skin, my skin only felt drier after application. As I knew neem can be a perfect remedy for oily skin, I made my friend try it. She felt her skin was perfectly hydrated and was less greasy after application. She mentioned that the deep cleaning worked well, and she felt her skin looking clear. However, with dry skin, I felt the need for using a moisturiser after using the face wash. Otherwise, it is pretty economical, and a 100g tube comes for only Rs.90. Here are easy ways to manage oily skin at home.

Will I use it again?

Yes. I think the scrub worked extremely well on my skin. Plus, it is way cheaper than other skincare products I use so I would store it in my beauty cabinet.

Image source: Herbs & More

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