Beauty benefits of jasmine for your hair, skin and body

This flower adds more than just fragrance to your beauty.

Flowers of jasmine smell wonderful and women often adorn their hair with it to not just look but also smell beautiful. But did you know it can enhance your beauty in several other ways? Here are a few of them.

Keeps your skin supple

Jasmine has properties that can keep your skin moisturised for a long time. Though it may not be possible by using jasmine flowers directly on the skin, you can use creams or lotions that have jasmine extracts in them. Brands like Khadi, Forrest Essentials, The Body Shop have jasmine range of products.

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Relaxes you

Jasmine oil has properties to calm your nerves and relax you. Since it is an essential oil, you need to combine it with a carrier oil like coconut. It is used as for aromatherapy in many spas due to these properties. Simply mix a few drops of it with another oil and then massage it on your body. Here are some essential oils for glowing skin.

Keeps scalp healthy

Jasmine has antimicrobial properties that make it a great oil to keep your scalp free from infections. Add it to almond or coconut oil and then massage your scalp with it. Wash off your hair with a herbal shampoo after a few hours. Make sure you use it weekly once to see results.

Keeps body odour at bay

If you are looking for a natural way to banish body odour, use jasmine. You can make your own spray with jasmine essential oil. Take a spray bottle and add water in it. Now add 1 tbsp of jasmine oil and shake well. Spray it in your armpits and say goodbye to body odour. You can add another tablespoon of jasmine oil if the fragrance isn't strong enough for your liking. Here are more ways to beat body odour.

Conditions your hair

If you want to condition your hair in a natural way, take a last rinse of jasmine. First, soak jasmine flowers in hot water for a few hours. Let the water cool down to room temperature. After you wash your hair, simply take a last rinse with this water. Do not wash it off again with water. This is a mild conditioner. If you have frizzy hair, you can add a few drops of jasmine oil to it. Here are some more natural conditioners.


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