Baking soda for black, shiny and silky hair in minutes!

Go natural. Before you reach out for those high-end cosmetic products which can leave your hair dry and dead. Try this easy way to bring life to your hair.

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Like your skin and body, your hair also needs a detox. What with all those pollutants, dirt, grime and smog that get stuck to your mane and make your hair look dull and lifeless. You can apply loads of shampoo and other hair care products to bring your hair back to life, or try my favourite trick with baking soda. Here are some homemade hair packs that really work to give your hair a natural shine.

How does baking soda help?

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To begin with baking soda is alkaline in nature with a pH of 9. You must be wondering that with such a high pH baking soda is no better than other chemicals that ruin your hair. But here is the catch: Although, baking soda is alkaline and abrasive in nature, when it is mixed with other components like water or apple cider vinegar or even your conditioner it can make your hair shine, look lustrous and bouncy. I have tried this during my college days when outdoor activities and trekking made my hair look dull. Here are four home remedies for grey hair that actual works.

While many beauty blogs and experts might tell you that applying baking soda on your hair might make your hair rough, dry and fizzy destroying the natural acidic pH of your hair, but it did just the opposite for me. My hair isn't the soft, silky and smooth type. I have curly and dry hair which would turn into oily strands after my running and dance sessions. While I tried a lot of shampoos and conditioners to give my hair much-needed TLC. Nothing made my hair look gorgeous and healthy. It was always a disaster: dull and frizzy. That is when I thought of using some natural products to get life back into my hair. On a friend's suggestion, I tried this baking soda and water mix for my hair.

Like me, she had rough and dry hair and this ingredient worked for her.

How to use baking soda?

Here are two ways in which you can use baking soda to detox your hair:

  1. Mix one spoonful of baking soda with one mug of water and wash your hair from the roots to the tip. Next, massage your hair for a while and rinse with cold water. Allow your hair to dry on its own and then comb to get bouncy and shiny hair.
  2. Mix one spoon of baking soda with your conditioner and apply it after you wash your hair with your regular shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and allow your hair to dry on its own.

When I couldn't afford expensive salon treatments, treating my hair to baking soda made helped put my bad hair days behind. Hope it will work for you as well. If it does, please level you comments below. But, try this at your own risk.

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