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Bacteria in beard? 4 men talk about how they maintain beard hygiene

Four men share their reaction over a study that claims that there are faecal bacteria in beards.

Written by Sandhya Raghavan |Updated : January 18, 2017 11:01 AM IST

Beards are all the rage these days. Everybody from movie stars to sportsmen are sporting the full fuzzy look. But no matter how masculine and attractive, beards can also pose a variety of health problems according to a study conducted by a team of microbiologists in Albuqurque, New Mexico. It has pointed to the presence of bacteria similar to those found in faeces. The fact that your face can turn into a hotspot for diseases and infections is worrisome.

So how conscious are Indian men when it comes to maintaining hygiene as far as their beards are concerned? We told a few men about the study and asked them how they keep their beards neat and clean. Here are their reactions:

"I wash my beard every time I wash my face ": Aniruddh Shinde who works as a sales manager has been sporting a beard for ten years and loves the fact that it enhances his jaw line. While he was surprised to know about the findings of the study, he's not someone who takes beard maintenance lightly. "I wash it every time I wash my face," he said. He also carries a small comb to style it.

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"I am not very surprised": Chemistry professor Karthik Krishnan who had taken a fancy towards beard a year ago is not very surprised by the findings of the study. "I have to be frank! I have seen untidy beards and I am not very surprised," he said. Although he likes not having to shave every morning, Karthik is very particular about how he treats his beard. "I avoid using beard wax. I prefer beard balms instead," he said.

"Can't do away with beards? Do away with germs": Art director Rahul Singh pointed out that there is no way to escape germs completely. "I've read somewhere that cell phone screens are worse than toilets when it comes to germs. But you can't do away with cell phones, can you?" he said. He believes that a careless attitude is what causes bacterial growth in the beards. "If you can't do without your beard, at least do away with the germs," he added.

"Using excessive product is bad": Marketing manager Nachiketh Premraj believes that excessive product may be the culprit. "Many men I know load their beards with grooming products which they don't wash off properly. These oil-based products can go rancid, which can cause germs to grow," he stated. "Wash the beard daily, trim it often and brush it at least twice a day."

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