Are you wearing the wrong foundation?

These 5 signs will tell you if you are wearing the wrong formula.

It is true that you cannot get your foundation right at the first shot. You not only have to choose between the undertones but also match the foundation with your skin type and colour where you can go wrong. According to beauty expert Janet Fernandezhere is how you can find out if you are wearing the wrong foundation.

Your skin looks patchy: The best way to tell whether you are wearing a wrong foundation is colour mismatch. So, if you feel that your foundation is sitting on your skin you are definitely wearing the wrong one. The best way to find the right foundation colour is to test a warm and a cool undertone at the back of your hands and see which one looks more seamless.

You can notice cakey looking fine lines: If your foundation settles into fine lines or make your fine lines look more noticeable there could be a problem with the foundation you are using. To not look cakey, opt for moisturising formulas that will not look too dry on your skin. Here are tips to choose the perfect foundation for your skin type.

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Your makeup melts: If you find your makeup melting by the time it is afternoon it would mean that you are wearing the wrong foundation for your oily skin type. Look for a formula that blends in a powder to soak any oil on your skin. Follow these 9 tips for lone lasting makeup.

You get breakouts: If you have just switched to a new formula and notice breakouts, you are definitely using the wrong one. You have probably put on something which has a lot of chemicals that are working against your skin. The idea is to look for a more natural mineral based foundation that would be gentler on your skin.

Your skin pores look bigger: If your pores suddenly start appearing bigger after applying foundation, there could be an issue with the formula. Thick and heavy foundation tends to sit on your pores and make your pores appear bigger. It is always best to go for a lighter formula.

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