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5 simple Ayurvedic home remedies for skin and hair care this festive season

Ayurveda can help you look beautiful this festive season © Shutterstock

The festive season is almost here which means it's time for us to prep our skin and hair for all the family functions, get-togethers and other festivities. Follow these Ayurvedic tips.

Written by Upneet Pansare |Updated : April 29, 2019 1:13 PM IST

Want to look gorgeous this festive season? Dr Kavita Ugale, Ayurveda expert, Birla Ayurveda suggests we say no to chemicals and incorporate easy Ayurvedic remedies for skin care and hair care.

1. Stay hydrated: Since the festivals come during October-November when its hot is most parts of the country, the problem of pimples and oily skin increases. The best natural way to maintain clear skin is by consuming ample water throughout the day. Drinking water also prevents sweating and heating of the body.

2. Decrease puffiness and dark circles: Staying up till late can make your eyes puffy in the morning. Make sure to wash your eyes with Triphala water every morning to avoid puffiness. Soak Triphala powder (powder of Amla, Bhibhitaki and Harda) overnight and filter it in the morning. You will see a significant difference in and around your eyes! To avoid dark circles around your eyes, apply potato slice or massage your eyes in a circular motion with apricot oil or badam oil.

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3. Use aloe vera and cucumber: Apply cucumber gel or aloe vera gel on your face before applying any cosmetics. It hydrates and nourishes the skin. A combination of cucumber gel with aloe vera gel and lavender oil rejuvenates the skin. Apply it daily overnight and wake up to hydrated and fresh skin every morning.

4. Head wash with Ayurvedic herbs: Hair fall and dandruff are common during the festive season. A large amount of sweat gets accumulated due to the constant heat produced in the body while engaging in festive dances. This sweat leads to an abnormal growth of bacteria around the hair follicles. Using excessive shampoo can lead to dryness of the hair, instead wash your hair with the decoction of Triphala, Ritha (soap nut) and Shikakai (Acacia concinna). This will retain the natural shine of your hair. Apply a paste of fenugreek seed (methi) in the morning before head wash. This not only prevents dandruff but also gives lustre to your hair.

5. Use melted wax with sesame oil: Don t let your rough and chapped lips spoil your festive look and feel. Use melted wax with some sesame oil for a few minutes. After the wax cools and dries up, removes the flakes of the wax. This will immediately preserve the moisture and soften the lips.

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