Did you know you can get acne on your vagina?

Also, read how to treat vaginal acne.

No matter how many times you use a cleanser to unclog your pores and remove the oil and dirt, acne shows up at unexpected places at unexpected times. And don t be surprised if you see one on your vagina. Vaginal acne is common like acne on your face and neck. Dermatologist Dr Vidya Anand consultant at Olivia Skin and Hair Clinic, Bangaloreanswers all your queries about vaginal acne.

What causes vaginal acne?

The same excess sebum production causes acne in the vagina as it causes on any other part of the body. Sometimes, hormonal fluctuation during menstruation can lead to acne on the vagina along with dead skin cells and bacterial overgrowth on the skin pores. Stress is another factor that can be held responsible for the zits you get on your vagina.

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How to identify acne on vagina?

It can be difficult to distinguish between acne and any other type of bump on the vagina. The acne on the vagina will look the same like acne on face. If you still face difficulty, remember that acne will cause slightly more discomfort than a bump caused by an ingrown hair.

When should you check with your doctor?

However, if you feel that your acne is too persistent, you must check with your doctor as certain STDs can cause bumps which look similar to acne and they do not resolve on their own like acne. If it is an STD vaginal itching, odour and discharge will accompany it. Here are 5 common causes of an itchy vagina.

How to treat vaginal acne?

Some topical ointments can treat vaginal acne. Azelaic acid is a compound you can use to reduce inflammation and also reduce dead skin cells. However, remember to use the product carefully on keratinised skin only which is the outer, thick layer of the skin with hair on it and avoid any application on the soft, wet part of the vagina which is the mucosal layer of the skin. Follow these tips to maintain better vaginal hygiene.

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