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3 natural cleansers you must use instead of face washes

Stop using face washes and soaps to clean your face! © Shutterstock

Soaps and face washes can cause damage to your skin. Ditch them and use these natural ingredients as face cleansers instead.

Written by Upneet Pansare |Updated : September 13, 2018 9:50 AM IST

Soaps can be very harsh on your skin. Full of harmful chemicals, colours, fragrances and other additive agents, soaps disturb the pH balance of your skin making it more alkaline. This destroys the natural skin protection barriers and makes the skin susceptible to bacteria and other harmful agents that eventually lead to problems like acne. It can also cause excessive dryness as it strips your skin of its essential lipids that are responsible for moisturising your skin. These effects hold true even for store-bought cleansers and face washes. We can all agree that soaps or face washes give us a clean feeling and are easy and convenient to use. But what if we told you that a few natural ingredients can give you better cleansing without any side effects? Yes, here are a few natural ingredients that work as great cleansers for your skin.

Gram flour or besan: You can add a few drops of rose water to a tbsp of besan to make a paste and apply on your skin. Besan will take out the excess oil from your skin and make it brighter and smoother. It can also get rid of acne marks, acne, dark spots and unevenness. It also works as an exfoliator.

Coconut oil or almond oil: Oil cleansing has been hailed as the most effective way of cleansing by beauty bloggers. Using these oils can actually help clear your skin of dirt and grime. These oils have the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin layers and dig out toxins from underneath. You can use these oils as regular face cleansers or even makeup removers. All you have to do is put 2-3 drops of the oil on a piece of cotton and wipe your face with it. You don't need to wash your face after that. Just wipe off with a tissue paper. These oils work not only also as cleansers but also as moisturizers.

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Oatmeal: Boil 3-4 tbsp of oatmeal in water for about 15-20 minutes. Strain the liquid and cool it. Apply it on your face and then wash off after it becomes dry. Oatmeal and oatmeal water has the ability to draw out toxins and oils from your face. You will feel cleaner and look brighter after this.

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