9 tips for long-lasting make-up

It's crucial to ensure your make-up lasts for long hours, especially when you may not have time for any touch-up. Apply a primer carefully before the rest of the make-up is set.

It s great to have your facial features defined with some stunning make-up. It s not quite ideal when it washes out or fades away in no time, while you are out dealing with a hectic day. We tell you how you can ensure your make-up lasts longer, saving yourself from looking worn out just within a few hours.


Before you begin applying make-up for the day, your skin has to be at its clean and healthy best. Exfoliate your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells with a micro-bead scrub or a thin cloth.

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Mattefy and moisturise

Moisturising is the next important step. Celebrity make-up artist Payal Balse says, Moisturise your skin so that make-up doesn't dry up or become flaky. Also, make sure you pick up an oil-free, mattefying lotion and a moisturising lotion to start with. MAC has a wonderful anti-shine lotion which is also moisturising so your skin won t dry up, nor will it get oily.' Be conscious of not over doing the moisturising bit as the make-up may tend to fade away. Look out for a moisturiser with a lighter consistency.


A primer is a key product to help your make-up last long. Payal explains, The primer not only helps protect your skin from the make-up by creating a layer between your skin and the products you use, but it also helps lock the make-up in place and last forever. Best, choose a primer that is hydrating, something that doesn't have too much silicon in it (because silicones rub against the base make-up and cause friction, which makes the make-up fade faster). My personal favourite is the primer by Laura Mercier, but you could also go for the Smashbox primer or the NYX primer for someone with a small budget. Ensure, you apply the primer with proper consistency over the face.


Applying a foundation can get very tricky as it provides for a thick layer onto the skin, before the rest of the make-up is applied. Payal advices, Use a foundation that has medium coverage. If you have pigmentation on your skin, or any marks you need to hide, lightly cover it with a concealer before the foundation. Use the concealer sparingly, only covering the dark spots and blemishes. Be careful to not let it spread all over the face. As for the foundation that works best, Payal suggests, Medium coverage to full coverage foundations last longer than sheer coverage or BB creams. But if you have clear skin that doesn't need too much make-up, then you can opt for a sheer coverage foundation or a BB cream. Este Lauder -- double wear light is ideal for such use. Avoid cream/wax/oil based foundations during humid weather.'


To manage an oily T-zone for the whole day, powder is the perfect solution. Payal advises, 'You can opt for a stronger mattifying press powder to set the foundation instead of using the translucent loose powder. But while applying it make sure you don't cake yourself to much. Use a powder puff to set the foundation under the eyes, but use a large powder brush to gently press in and brush out the rest of the day.

Cream formulas and powders for cheeks

For your cheeks, you could apply cream formulas and then dab powders of the same shade, lightly to keep the tinge of colour in tact.

Waterproof eyeliners, cream eyeshadows

Smudgy eye make-up is a big no-no! You can t proceed to the next meeting with your eyeliner all over the place. Payal advises Use water proof eyeliner and mascara for your eyes especially during the monsoons. As far as eye make-up goes, choose smudge-proof cream shadows. Maybelline has a lot of different colours in their waterproof cream eyeshadows and they're quite reasonable too. It s an absolute must have. For a fresher and natural look, a white liner on the lower lash line works great.

Moisture lip formulas

It s more than often that we find lip colours fade away and turn dry quickly. It s preferable to fill in your lips with a lip liner or a lip stain and then with a lipstick. Opt for a moisture and flake-free lip formula.

Final touch-up

A final touch-up matters the most to help seal the make-up. A finishing spray is just ideal for that radiant look. Payal advises Just lightly spray some from a distance of 12 inches and be carefree for the rest of the day! Urban Decay is a great finishing spray. This sits lightly and provides protection from humidity and pollution.

With unfavorable weather conditions and a crazy schedule lined up, you got to ensure your make-up is hassle-free and in no way turns out disastrous. Payal gives a quick tip, Make sure you carry some tissues or a powder puff in your handbag to keep your skin dry and oil-free throughout the day. Also dab your skin and don't rub it when you are drying it.

Disclaimer: Our make-up expert does not endorse any product mentioned in the article and the effectiveness of said products may vary among different individuals.

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