8 ways petroleum jelly can be used for beautiful skin and hair

8 ways petroleum jelly can be used for beautiful skin and hair

If you swear by petroleum jelly to help keep your lips hydrated, here are a few innovative ways you can use it, other than as a lip balm.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : March 19, 2015 10:34 AM IST

Do you have a small bottle of petroleum jelly lying in your dressing table drawer at all times? A common 'go-to solution' for most beauty problems, petroleum jelly is cheap and very effective. Here's how petroleum jelly benefits your beauty.

Keeps your lips hydrated

If you want to get rid of chapped lips, all you need to do is apply a layer, albeit a thin one, of petroleum jelly twice a day. It will help keep your lips hydrated and moisturized while also giving your lips a natural sheen.

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Moisturises cracked and dry feet and hands

Are you embarrassed of cracked hands and feet? Not only are they unsightly, but the condition also leaves your skin feeling dry and painful. However, petroleum jelly can help you flaunt those beautiful feet by taking care of your dry, flaky skin. Apply a good amount of it on your feet and hands every night. Once you are done applying a thin layer, cover your feet with socks to help intensify its moisturising effect. You will be surprised at how soft your skin will feel in the morning. (Read: 9 beauty benefits of curd or dahi for your skin and hair (Gallery))

Keeps fingers and cuticles spotless

Ladies, you can now achieve immaculately painted nails without worrying about getting paint all over your hand by applying petroleum jelly in and around your finger nails and on your cuticles. Your cuticles will not only remain moisturized with the jelly, it will also be nail-polish free.

Acts is a great base for home made exfoliators

Petroleum jelly is one of the main base materials for most DIY exfoliators. You will need to add salt and sugar to the jelly and apply a layer to your lips. This will help you get rid of dead skin cells. You can always use a soft toothbrush and make circular motions for soft lips and pink lips. (Read: 8 beauty benefits of cucumber you shouldn t miss)

Gives your face a natural and healthy glow

You can always apply petroleum jelly for a dewy, fresh look. Apply the jelly with your fingertips to the top of your brow bones and cheek bones to help accentuate those features naturally.

Smoothens split ends

A thin coating of petroleum jelly can also be applied to your hair to smoothen your split ends as well as flyaway hair. a small amount can go a long way; therefore, avoid massaging it into your hair.

Can give your legs a natural sheen

A layer of petroleum jelly can help make your legs shine during summer. Not only does it provide a natural sheen, it also keeps your legs moisturized for a long period of time.

Makes perfumes stay longer

By applying just a small amount of petroleum jelly to your pulse points behind your ears, wrists, ankles and your knees before spraying your favourite perfume on those areas can make it last longer. The jelly absorbs the scent and ensures your perfume lasts longer. Read: 5 beauty benefits of lime juice (Gallery))

How to use petroleum jelly

Lip gloss

You can make lip gloss from petroleum jelly by adding natural extracts to it. You can also add glitter for that extra sparkle. Mix the concoction of petroleum jelly, glitter and natural flavour well, pour it into a container and let it solidify.

Lip balm

Petroleum jelly can be used to prevent chapped lips. Just melt a small amount of jelly and place it in an empty container or chapstick and let it solidify. Apply it twice daily for best results. (Read: 4 easy ways to make natural lip balm at home)

Sugar lip scrub

If you suffer from chapped lips, you can always apply a mixture of petroleum jelly and sugar to your lips. After applying the mix, rub your lips together. Keep it on for some time before washing it off with water. Use a thin layer of jelly to moisturize the lips after. (Read: 5 beauty benefits of castor oil for your hair (Gallery))


For this, add black or brown eye shadow with petroleum jelly and then gently apply it on the eyes with a spare mascara brush.

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