8 home remedies to ward off that summer tan!

8 home remedies you can easily try this summer.

Summer tan can lead to a number of health problems and not just darkening of skin. We asked Dr Apratim Goel dermatologist and laser surgeon Director, Cutis skin studio, Mumbai to give us some home remedies sun tan. Also read: 4 common skin woes in summer and how to prevent them!

Lemon juice- We just love this! Cut a lemon into two and just rub it on the tanned area, leave it for a while and wash it off. Then, a mixture of aloe juice with vitamin E can be used to moisturize the skin.

Watermelons- The 'magic fruit' can be used for skin tan removal. 'Good skin lightening effect can be achieved by rubbing the skin with the insides of watermelon slices.'

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Curd- This is one of the best remedies for reducing sun tan. Apply it on the face and body before bath everyday.


Tomato- Rub tomato on your skin. It's juice can lighten the skin.

Cucumber and honey- Applying a paste of cucumber and honey is useful for soothing the redness due to sun tan.

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Apricot scrub- 'Sun tanning from arms and feet can be removed by using apricot scrub followed by moisturizer. Applying sunscreens frequently helps in reducing excessive suntan.'

Milk- Raw milk is a very good treatment for reducing suntan. For better results, you can also, mix some lemon juice into raw milk and apply it on the tanned area. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes and wash it. It is very helpful if done regularly for at least one month.

Milk powder and almond oil- Apply a mixture of milk powder and almond oil on the affected area. It not only helps in reducing skin tan but also helps in bringing back the lost glow of the skin.

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