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7 pre-wedding grooming tips for the Indian groom

Written by Priyanka Ganwani |Updated : November 20, 2014 5:27 PM IST

Wedding preparations always sound so exciting for the bride-to-be but it's also a big day for the groom. It's true, men may not have to spend hours and hours at the salon unlike their counterparts but that doesn't mean they can't get their share of pampering. Here are some important things every groom should do for his big day:

Necessary skin indulgence

It's time you care about how your skin looks for the most important day of your life. Don't expect the photographer to clean up all your pimple marks with the photo editing software all the time. If you've had several skin issues like pimples, dry skin, an uneven skin tone, tanning and dark circles, then you could definitely look for suitable facials, peels and even simple home remedies to ensure your skin looks better. It's best to visit a skin specialist to resolve tanning and pigmentation. (Read: How do I look better in pictures? (Male Grooming Query))

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Kick that belly fat away

There is no better reason or occasion to look all fit and fine than this one -- your wedding day! You don't want to run through your wedding pictures later and wished that you had taken care of toning down that bulging stomach. Sangeeta Amladi, head medical services, Kaya Skin Clinic, advises, that a great way to get fit for your big day is to make the best use of the gym to look 'fit and fab' for the wedding day. Some cardio and weight training shouldn't be missed out on. Or look forward for a power-packed jog every morning or evening or simply go for sessions of some martial arts or power yoga.' (Read: 8 ways for men to look taller and leaner)

Fix hair issues

The absolute clean shaven or waxed look may tend to look feminine but you can definitely look neater by getting rid of dense hair in areas like the chest and the arms. You wouldn't want to resort to waxing or threading but you could look at other options. You can think of the permanent hair reduction using laser as it is a painless and safe option. This may require quite a few sittings, so plan well in advance before your D-Day, as advised by Sangeeta. Also, as for your hair otherwise it's needed that your hair not only looks good but is healthy as well. Sangeeta suggests, 'A nutritious diet and regular oiling can help you deal with thinning and falling hair. You can also opt for a hair loss prevention service after consulting an expert.' Here are are some easy tips to avoid hair loss.

Facial hair care

To have a healthy moustache you could trim it at the right length according to the style you sport or opt for a different style for the glamour quotient. Don't forget to keep your beard well-moiturised and use a moisturiser regularly. Know more on how to manage your moustache or beard better.

For softer hands

You are going to be witnessing the best moments with your better half and you better hold her hands with much charm. It's often that you find your hands dry and flaky. Until your big day keep massaging your hands with some coconut oil or aloe vera as these come with healing properties for dry skin and cuts. You could keep applying some petroleum jelly as a quick-fix as it helps moisturise your skin. Here is how you can get rid of dry and flaky skin on your hands.

Nail care

You simply cannot afford to get on with the wedding functions with dirty and filthy nails. As much women care to go in manicures and pedicures, you could make do with some basic cleaning too. Keep in mind that long nails look great only on women. Here is what you need to do for healthy and well-groomed nails.

For that smile

Yellow teeth or chalky white teeth are just not attractive to look at. At an occasion when you are going to be having all cameras flash at you, you can't showoff those teeth when you are not too proud of them. It's a happy moment and you shouldn't hesitate to be confident about your smile. What you'd need the most is some dental check-up as well as some cleaning to get a sparkling smile. Don't forget to keep using a mouth wash from time to time to keep bad breath away. Here is how you can look better in pictures.

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