5 pedicure precautions you must take

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Thinking of going for a pedicure? You need to take a few precautions.

Who doesn t love getting pedicures? Pampering your feet with a thorough clean up, shaping and buffing nails, massaging the feet, applying a fresh coat of colour sounds great. But if not done properly, a pedicure can lead to a number of injuries and infections. A pedicure consists of clipping, cutting, brushing, scrubbing, buffing and other procedures that can help rejuvenate your skin but also cause nicks, cuts and bruises. You need to ensure you take these following precautions while doing a pedicure yourself or at a parlour.

1) Make sure that the tools the salons or you use are clean and sterilized. Your beautician, cannot, under any circumstances, use a nail cutter, for instance, without sterilizing or disinfecting it first. It can harbour bacteria.

2) You can damage your cuticles during pedicures which can open your nail bed to infections like paronychia. This is a very painful condition and can be treated with antibiotics. Cuticles need to be carefully groomed. Stop your beautician if you notice any bleeding. Ideally, you shouldn t remove the cuticle as it offers protection to the nails.

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3) Excessive scrubbing or exfoliation may make you feel clean but it can cause cuts in the skin. This can invite skin infections.

4) Make sure that the water in which you dip your feet is clean and that the water is not too hot. Ask your beautician to use a good quality soap or disinfectant in the water before you put your feet in.

5) When using a moisturiser or essential oil on your feet, you need to ensure that the ingredients in it don t irritate your skin. Go natural and organic as far as possible.

6) Don t always keep your toenails coloured with nail polish. Give breaks in between for a few weeks. Using nail polishes regularly can make your nails go yellow and can even make them brittle.

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