5 facial kits under Rs. 250 for combination, oily and dry skin

Whether you have combination, oily or dry skin, try these cheap facial kits at home and say hello to glowing skin!

There is no denying that every woman loves the idea of relaxing in a salon with a facial, but often these facials can be too heavy on your pocket. We spoke to a few women who use home facial kits and they share their experience with us. The best thing is that every kit is under Rs. 250! You may just want to give it a try. Also, try these 4 types of facial massages.

Gold Facial

Works best for: Gold facial works best for dry skin, especially if your skin is dull and lifeless.

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Product: Seema says, The VLCC Gold Facial 60 ml kit gives that instant glow and has a long-lasting effect on my skin. It keeps my skin well hydrated. The product is good for two uses, and I need to shell out Rs 250 only.

Pearl Facial

Works best for: For those with oily skin, the pearl facial is ideal. It helps retain the moisture and revitalise the skin. It also removes the excess oil and clean out the pores.

Product: Arpita says I am into sales, and my job requires me to travel a lot. Due to all the travel, it is not new for my skin to get tanned. I need to use the Purple VLCC Pearl Facial Kit at least once a week and can see my skin tone visibly lightened after use. My skin is oily, and this facial kit works just perfect. What s more, the package comes for Rs 212 only, and it easily suffices me for three uses.

Platinum Facial

Works best for: If you have a combination skin, a platinum facial will be ideal. The dry areas of your skin are well moisturised after the use.

Product: According to Nikita Goyal, The Nature s Essence Platinum Facial Kit, which costs only Rs 215 always worked well on her oily T-Zone and gave her a clearer skin. It lasts up to 3 uses and is very efficient for removing dead skin cells.

Silver Facial

Works best for: Silver facial is excellent to cleanse and detoxify your skin and works best for dry skin. It can help restore the pH balance of your skin and offer dull skin an instant lift.

Product- The VLCC Silver Single Facial Kit gives my skin the right amount of moisture, reviving it instantly. It leaves my skin evidently supple. In only Rs. 235 I can get the facial I want', says Purba.

Fruit Facial

Works best for: The fruit facials work well for every skin type. They not only scrape the dead skin cells but also give your skin a healthy glow. Plus, they are excellent for skin lightening and are worth a try. Try these DIY fruit face packs that work for every skin type.

Product: I live in Delhi and my skin is always subjected to the dry weather and pollution, due to which it looks scorched, dark and lifeless. I use the Boutique Bio Fruit Flawless Whitening Pack regularly, and I always get amazing results. It brightens up my skin instantly. The product is very smooth and glides on too well on my skin. It is extremely reasonable and comes in Rs 199 only' says Neha.

So try using these facial kits at home and tell us in comments how they worked for you. Follow this step-by-step guide to get a spa-like facial at home.

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