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4 tips to help you pick the right lingerie

Written by Agencies |Updated : October 8, 2014 7:52 PM IST

From right size, colour to pattern, deciding on lingerie depends on many factors and on the individual's body type, says an expert.

Entrepreneur Caprice Bourret, who also owns one of the leading lingerie companies in Britain named Caprice, shares her top tips for buying the perfect fitting brassiere for every occasion, reports

Know the brand and fit: It is important to get measured every few months as our bodies change and shape and fit differs from brand to brand and from design to design. Before making any new purchase, follow a few simple measuring steps to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in your lingerie.

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How to buy the perfect t-shirt brassiere: Such innerwear should be both sturdy, supportive and subtle. Firstly, don't overlook band size, it is just as important as cup size. If you are buying online, most good retailers and brands should provide an easy reference guide to follow.

Find out your chest size: Run the measuring tape around your body directly underneath your upper body, all the way around your back and ribcage. Write down the measurement. Add five inches to that number and that is your chest size. Do this a few times to get the same measurement.

Find out your cup measurement: Run the measuring tape all the way around your chest again, this time with the tape running over the top of your chest, and write down your measurements. Subtract the difference between your cup measurement and your chest measurement - your cup measurement will be larger.

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