20 things only a kajal lover will understand

No kajal= no life, agree?

Kajal lovers, raise your hands. I am sure all hands have risen, mine too. We love kajal so much so that kajal seems like family now. A family member that hasn't been appreciated enough. We may be in different places but are united by the love of kajal and hence I can say that you are going to relate to each of the points I am going to put down. Here are few things only a kajal lover will understand:

1. You don't leave home without kajal

2. Smudge-free kajal is a must.

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3. What the hell is a thin line of kajal?

4. Yes! I am saving on eye-liner too.

5. Why does the roll up kajal finish so fast?

6. One day without kajal and people ask you about your life and if you have a fever.

7. Pencil kajal, helps you wing it like a pro.

8. Sometimes, only a stroke of kajal goes a long way.

9. No time? At least kajal, it will just take two minutes.

10. No tiffin box? Cool! No kajal? No plans!

11. Sleep deprived? Kajal your way out!

12. Hangover? Kajal can fix your face.

13. With kajal= *thinks myself to be Aishwarya*, without kajal=what's that?

14. Kajal before boys.

15. Wearing Indian, kajal will do. Wearing western, kajal will do.

16. The day you wear kajal, you don't meet important people, the day you don't, the entire universe turns up. *Sobs*

17. Wiping out kajal is a task and it hurts to clean out this beauty.

18. Kajal breaks=heart break.

19. Who shares kajal? Okay, only besties.

20. This big kajal stick, only a little bit kajal when you roll up.

Isn't kajal the best thing in the makeup kit. Highly efficient and fuss-free. Relatable? Add more things that only we, kajal sisters will understand in the comment section below. (Read: Define eyes with home-made kohl How to apply kajal or kohl the right way)

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