10 stupid things people say to makeup addicts

Have you heard such things too? Tell us!

Loving makeup is a personal choice but some of these people who probably don't even understand a thing about makeup or about personal choice say stupid things to makeup lovers. As a makeup addict, here are silly things I get to hear time and again that just leaves me rolling my eyes.

1. Natural is always beautiful. Makeup takes away your natural beauty. (Thanks, I look beautiful both ways)

2. These chemicals will harm your skin and you'll start to look old very soon. (Like the junk you are eating is really healthy!)

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3. That red lipstick is poking my eyes. (It should!)

4. With a smirk on their face, "Ahem! What's the plan?" (To kill you probably.)

5. The day I don't wear makeup: "Are you sick?" (Not as sick as your mind.)

6. Don't walk in the rain your real face will show. (Dude! There is a thing called waterproof makeup.)

7. Oh! I didn't know you were intelligent too, I thought you were one of those blogger types! (YOU, need to wash your mentality!)

8. Who are you trying to look beautiful for? (Myself, thanks!)

9. Don't wear makeup, focus on your career. (Makeup can be a great career option, you wouldn't know that, you clearly never went to school.)

10. Ya! You will never save money. You spend everything on makeup. (Thanks for your concern)

These comments never stop and it is annoying as hell because they are made by people who don't even make an attempt to get to know you. People associate makeup with everything that it isn't associated with. You must have heard some of these lines, some time or the other in your life and it is high time people realise that there is nothing wrong with makeup or too much makeup. And people who don't like makeup have no right to judge others. Are you a makeup addict too? Have you been told similar things? Add on to the list in the comments section.

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