10 beauty facts you ought to know

Your daily beauty regime may consist of many steps but do you know if what you are doing is right? Is it good for skin or causing more harm to it?

beauty factsYour daily beauty regime may consist of many steps but do you know if what you are doing is right? Is it good for skin or causing more harm to it? Read these 10 pointers to find out beauty facts that you might be oblivious about.

  1. You need to apply sunscreen even if you are indoors or even if it isn't sunny outside. This is because UVA rays are present all year around. These are very harmful for our skin and cause early ageing too. So apply a good sunscreen on your exposed skin to protect it from sun damage. (Read: How to choose the best sunscreen)
  2. Brushing your hair over and over again (more than 100 strokes in a day) can lead to split ends. So keep brushing to a minimum and also keep in mind to not comb wet hair as they are brittle and break easily. Towel-dry or air-dry them before you run a comb through your locks.
  3. Astringents should be used by people who have oily skin as it helps close pores by shrinking the tissues. People with dry skin should stay away from it as it will further dry out your skin and irritate it. (Read: Astringent - is it really good for your skin?)
  4. All cosmetics have an expiration date and using them beyond this time can prove to be harmful for your skin. This is because their preservatives stop working or some ingredients may become stronger which can lead to an infection or irritation. So throw away skin products like compact powder, foundation, etc after two years and eye make-up like liner, mascara after one year. (Read: How old cosmetics can harm your skin)
  5. Your nails are indicators of your health. A healthy nail is smooth, strong and free of white spots. A reddish nail bed indicates high blood pressure while unnaturally white nails tell you about your anaemic condition. Greenish looking nails are due to a fungal infection.
  6. People who have dry skin aren't too predisposed to getting wrinkles earlier than people who have oily skin. Since dry skin gets dehydrated easily, the wrinkles are easily visible on their skin as compared to someone with oily skin.
  7. About 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. A simple way to find out your right size is by measuring the fullest part of your breasts and just below your bust-line (band size). Add 4 if your band size is an even number and 3 if it is an odd one. Subtract the band size from the fullest part measurement to get your cup size. (1=A, 2=B, etc). Combine your band and cup size to get your final size eg, 32B.
  8. Wearing high heels can lead to problems like lower back pain, pain in the knee, and feet and serious ill-effects like osteoarthritis due the added pressure exerted on the knees. Deformed feet, ankle sprains and wrong posture are also common in women who wear high heels for long hours. (Read: The stilettos offer - get feet problems free!)
  9. Dandruff, acne and hair loss are interlinked. If you have an oily scalp and skin, you are prone to dandruff and acne. Dandruff also results in hair fall in many cases. Other common reasons of dandruff are usage of too many hair products, not washing your hair properly or frequently, harsh winters and emotional stress.
  10. Use of skin-lightening products can have harmful effects on the skin in the long run. If these creams contain mercury or hydroquinone, they can damage the skin and also cause severe skin diseases like skin cancer and liver damage amongst others. They will lighten the skin initially by stopping melanin production but prolonged use will have adverse effects.

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