Try this 1-minute home remedy for hairfall

Try this unusal tip by our expert to beat hair fall!

If you have been suffering from hair fall, there are chances that your scalp isn't getting enough blood supply. Here's a remedy that can work wonders -- massaging your scalp!

According to Dr H.K. Bhakru, "Vigorous rubbing of your scalp with the pads of your fingers after washing your hair is one of the most effective home remedies for prevention and treatment of hair fall." You may also like to read about these common mistakes people with hair loss make.

How it helps

Dr Bhakru, in his book, Home Remedies for Common Ailments says that rubbing and massaging your scalp right after you have washed it with cold water, till it tingles, helps activate the sebaceous glands and increases blood circulation in the area -- helping your hair grow healthier. You may also like to read about these secrets of people with enviable hair.

What you need to do

Wash your hair as you would normally, and then give it a last rinse with cold or room temperature water. This helps close off the open pores and prevents your hair shafts from drying out and becoming frizzy. Have curly and frizzy hair? Here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Once done, towel dry your hair. Now, place the pads of your fingers on your head such that they are in contact with your scalp. Start massaging small areas using circular motions.


Make sure you are gentle and apply a uniform amount of pressure on your scalp. Avoid being too harsh or using your nails as you massage as you could break hair and even scratch your scalp, making matters worse.

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