Diabetes Is Rising Among Young Adults: Ayurveda Recommend 5 Ways To Manage

Diabetes Is Rising Among Young Adults: Ayurveda Recommend 5 Ways To Manage

People with diabetes should add superfoods and regular physical activity to control blood sugar levels.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : January 13, 2023 5:07 PM IST

Unhealthy food and desk-bound lifestyle habits are some of the important causative factors of Diabetes. In addition, if the disease is not appropriately managed at the right time, it can cause severe bodily complications. Though the condition is not curable, there are multiple ways in which it can be managed. It can even be prevented for those who've not got it yet with simple solutions. This will help reduce the complexities of other health problems that carry diabetes. In addition, making a few changes in your lifestyle now may help you avoid the severe health complications of diabetes in the future.

According to Ayurveda, dinacharya refers to self-care routines that can also assist in managing sugar levels. These small, simple daily routines with mindful eating can help remove the build-up of ama or toxins from the body and help bring our whole system more into balance, regulating our body clock and digestion. For example, we set ourselves up for the day by following the same morning routine. As per Ayurveda, diabetes mellitus often happens due to doshic imbalances. The leading causes would be sleeping during the day, lack of exercise, laziness, sedentary habits, and consuming fat-rich foods.

As per the Ayurveda diet for Diabetes, Dr Kriti Soni, R&D Head- Kapiva, included some superfoods below you can have in your daily life:

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  1. Ayurvedic Drink: While including everything in your meal that helps balance diabetes would not be easy, therefore, experts strongly recommend using a combination of Karela, Amla, and Jamun to regulate blood sugar by increasing your carbohydrate metabolism. Thus, drinking an ayurvedic juice with all these ingredients can help effectively manage diabetes and pre-diabetes.
  2. Cereals: Barley is considered the best food for diabetes, so much so that it can be labelled as Superfood for diabetes. Each week, consuming wheat and just two servings of brown rice led to a lower risk. As we are looking at managing diabetes, aged rice is preferred as newly harvested cereals, and pulses are considered one of the causes of prameha.
  3. Exercise and Yoga: Exercises for people with diabetes are essential. This is to ensure that the fat is utilised correctly, which helps the glucose consumption in the body. Depending on your lifestyle, you should include any games or sports, brisk walking, and keeping your body moving regularly throughout the day. Besides, practising yoga improves the body's metabolism, which would benefit someone with diabetes.
  4. Vegetables: You can go right with vegetables, but these choices benefit blood sugar management and overall health. All types of bitter vegetables, e.g. Karela, Methi, Patola (Vietnamese luffa, Vietnamese gourd, or Chinese okra), and Garlic are the right food for diabetics with all these nutritional properties for diabetes and heart health. In addition, bitter vegetables reduce Kapha and pitta and help manage doshas.
  5. Pulses: Diabetes experts speculate that pulses such as Green gram, Bengal gram, and Pigeon peas can keep blood sugar levels in check.

Those with diabetes are advised to add the above-listed superfoods, and regular physical activity to their everyday life can help people manage their condition and prevent complications by controlling blood sugar levels.