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4 Types of Pigmentation: 3 Ayurvedic Ways To Control It

Keep yourself hydrated in all seasons by drinking water as per your body weight.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Published : January 21, 2023 7:51 PM IST

To discuss hyperpigmentation, you must know everything about the term 'Pigmentation'. Skin pigmentation is the tone of the skin. Melanocytes are the skin cells which make an anti-oxidant, i.e. Melanin. Melanin is responsible for our skin's colour and is a protective component of skin. The more melanin, the darker the tone.

Conversely, less melanin makes the tone brighter. But those with less melanin are at a greater risk of sunburns and ageing. Hyperpigmentation can be entirely avoided by incorporating good habits right from childhood. While talking about the types, Medha Singh, Herbal Beauty Expert & Founder of Juvena Herbals, shares mainly four common types of pigmentation:

  1. Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation - Acne.
  2. Hypo pigmentation - White spots.
  3. Freckles - Dark brown mole-like appearance all over.
  4. Solar-lentigines - liver spots, age spots, sun spots.

Ayurvedic Solution To Treat Pigmentation By Herbal Beauty Expert

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  1. Abhyanga -> Daily: Pitta is the main Dosha with whose imbalanced skin problems start. Abhyanga snan with black sesame oil, olive oil and almond oil can keep it balanced. Skin is the largest organ for detoxification. Detoxify it topically with Abhyanga and protect it with a layer of herbal Moisturizer and Physical-Mineral sunscreen.
  2. Disciplined Circadian Rhythm: Circadian rhythm is your natural biological clock. Sleeping at a fixed time for fixed hours and waking up at a specified time will help your body heal itself. Your Circadian rhythm is your natural healer. Support it.
  3. Pranayam: This balances all the Doshas and Gunas. It can help your vital organs detoxify themselves. It will help your digestive, circulatory, and respiratory system function better at any age. Pranayam and Abhyanga go hand in hand.

Keep yourself hydrated in all seasons by drinking water as per your body weight. Hydrate your skin topically by cleansing and washing it twice daily and moisturising it regularly, as Bhrajaka Pitta governs the site of touch. It is our skin which gets affected by its imbalance.

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