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Stanya Kshaya (Hypogalactia): Herbs To Increase Your Breast Milk Production

Insufficient production of breast milk, or stanyakshaya as it is called in Ayurveda, can occur due to various reasons. Read on to know the causes as well as how to enhance your breast milk production.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : August 30, 2022 2:46 PM IST

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of every woman's life, from the day of conception to the day of delivery a woman goes through a number of physical, mental and emotional transitions and one such is breast milk. Considered as the best meal for newly born babies, breastfeeding is acknowledged as the healthiest form of nutrition for infants. In Ayurvedic literature also, the importance of breastfeeding is described deeply and in a beautiful way. In fetal life, the baby receives nourishment from the mother through the placenta. Within few hours after birth, the baby receives nutrients from the mother through breast milk. Breast-feeding is intended to be a joyful loving connection and comfort to the new body. Being located in the Anahata chakra (centre of the body), breasts are an instrument of love and nurturing. It is a silent language of love.

However, with the change in lifestyle and improper food habits, it has commonly been witnessed that most new mothers experience insufficient production of milk to breast feed her baby. In Ayurvedic term, it is known as 'Stanya Kshaya' or 'Nasha'. It is quite surprising that despite being greatly associated with the health of mother and child, these issues are very rarely discussed.

Causes of Stanyakshaya

According to Ayurveda, Stanyakshaya occurs due to Agnidushti (impairment of digestive system) or Rasadhatu kshaya (nutritional deficiency). It also occurs due to psychological disorders factors of mother such as Krodha (anger), Shoka (sadness), Bhaya (fear), Avatsalyatwa (loss of affection towards child) and Apathya aahara (unhealthy food habits).

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Stanyakshaya mainly leads to lactational deficiency. In present day, Stanya kshaya (Hypogalactia) or stanyanasa (Agalactia) are very common problem, especially with the first-time mothers. These two conditions are together described in Ayurveda samhitas with their Nidana, Lakshana and Chikitsa along with Stanyajanana, Stanyavardhaka dravyas as well as Stanya vardhaka pathya, Aahara and Vihaara.

Stanya is the upadhatu of rasa dhatu. So, rasa vardhaka diet and drugs will increase the quantity of stanya.

How to increase breast milk production

Following are a few herbs to stanya vriddhi (increase production of breast milk):

Decoction of Viran, shalli, Eksubalika (Saccharum officinarum), Darbha (Imperata cylindrica), Kusha (Desmostachya bipinnata), Kasha (Saccharum spontaneum), Pestled tila (Sesamum indicum), Lasuna (Allium sativum), fish, Shringataka (Trapa natans), Vidarikanda (pueraria tuberosa, alabu (lauki), Satabari (Asparagus racemosus) pestle with milk.

The Stanya is Jivana Amsha as it is the chief source of nutrition and diet to the infants. Stanya kshaya can lead to nutritional deficiency and effect the overall growth and development of the infant. It can be managed effectively and safely by stanya janana and stanya vardhaka dravyas.

In addition to this, these dravyas (medicine) can be used in healthy lactating mothers also to enhance breast milk production and regain body strength especially in Sutika avastha (Puerperal period).

The article is written by Dr Jeuti Rani Das, Research Officer, (Ayu), Central Ayurveda Research Institute, Guwahati.

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