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Lavender: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects And More

Lavender beyond a blossom: Benefits, uses and precautions.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : July 6, 2022 10:34 AM IST

With the mention of 'Lavender', one instantly associates the image of a beautiful blossom and a delicate fragrance. Widely known for its use in cosmetics, one might be surprised to see that it has incredible benefits when used for medicinal purposes. Dr Jyothi Viswambharan, Ayurveda expert, NirogStreet, shares everything about this evergreen plant.

Benefits And Uses:

  1. Managing Anxiety and Stress -Lavender is often used in aromatherapy to relax the mind and body. In addition, it can be used in managing stress and anxiety because it contains anxiolytic properties.
  2. Managing Mensuration Pain And Cramps - According to Ayurveda, lavender is the most used home remedy for reducing pain or cramps during menstruation. Women experience pain before menstrual periods, also known as Kasht-aartava, as per Ayurveda. Drinking Lavender tea helps prevent aggravated Vata and results in lowering the pain at the time of menses.
  3. Reduces Aging - It has many benefits for the skin and hair; applying Lavender oil mixed with coconut oil on the skin helps prevent wrinkles and reduce ageing. Also, according to Ayurveda, using lavender oil on hair or scalp helps control hair fall as it balances Vata and reduces unwarranted dryness from the scalp.
  4. Remedy for Hair Loss - According to Ayurveda, Lavender oil is one of the foremost oil used for hair-connected issues. If we see it through Ayurveda, the explanation for hair fall is the aggravated Vata dosha within the body that causes waterlessness on the scalp. If a person uses Lavender oil, it will help in levelling Vata, removes excessive waterlessness, and prevents hair loss. How to use: Add drops of Lavender oil to a carrier oil like rosemary or wood. Apply it on the scalp for three weeks to induce fast relief from hair fall.
  5. For Nausea - There is not enough scientific proof to explain the role of lavender in nausea. However, it may play the role of antiemetic (which fights against sickness) and various herbs such as ginger or fennel.
  6. For Toothache - There might not be enough scientific proof to explain the role of lavender in toothache even though it is used widely to lower the pain in teeth.
  7. Remedy For Vomiting is widely used for controlling vomiting because it contains antiemetic properties. In addition, it can help relieve signs of nausea or vomiting if consumed with fennel or ginger.
  8. For Menopausal Symptoms - Lavender aroma may facilitate managing menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. These symptoms are chiefly related to stress that will increase the degree of stress internal secretion (cortisol) within the body.
  9. For Depression - Lavender oil inhalation may help manage depression. Many studies recommended that these elements prevent various neurotransmitters' uptake (serotonin), elevating mood.
  10. For Ear Infection - Lavender may be beneficial in the management and lowering ear infections because of its antibacterial drug property. It prevents the expansion of bacteria from moving through the centre ear. If a person uses Lavender oil for massaging around the ear, it can also relieve inflammation because of its medical property.
  11. For Mouth Ulcers - According to Ayurveda, the Topical application of Lavender oil may facilitate lowering the symptoms of canker sores. Lavender helps lower inflammation as an alternative symptom because of its Ropan(healing) property. It is thereby promoting fast recovery of the affected area.
  12. For Preventing Mosquito Bites - Lavender can be used as an associate degree insect repellent because of its sturdy odour and soothing property. In addition, lavender's dried flowers or whole plants help keep bugs away and provide a relaxing impact on bites.
  13. For Acne - According to Ayurveda, a Kapha-Pitta dosha skin sort is very vulnerable to skin conditions and pimples. Applying lavender oil to the skin helps manage secretion production and relieves skin conditions due to its Kapha levelling nature.

Tips For Mistreatment Of Lavender Oil On Skin Conditions

Take 4-5 drops of Lavender oil. Apply it to the affected space once a day and at least thrice every week to eliminate the skin condition symptoms.

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  1. For Headaches - According to Ayurveda, Lavender helps scale back headaches, which can flow from the fret or disturbed sleep patterns. As per Ayurveda's perspective, stress or restless sleep aggravates Vata, which will trigger a headache successively. Therefore, applying Lavender oil or breathing the pleasant smell of Lavender helps scale back stress by calming the system and promotes sound sleep because of its Vata levelling property. Headache remedies: Put Lavender oil in a diffuser in your room to induce calming advantages and manage headaches. Massaging your forehead with Lavender oil by adding some carrier oil like sweet almond oil may also provide fast relief from the headache.
  2. For Migraine - Lavender relieves migraine because it soothes nervous agitation and relaxes the blood vessels.
  3. For Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) - The Lavender aromatherapy bathtub may facilitate lower pressure levels because of its reposeful properties. The lavender aroma gets absorbed through the body, reaches blood vessels, and brings deep relaxation.

Caution And Side Effects:

  1. Surgery - If lavender is taken along with some medicinal drug or anaesthesia, it can slow the nervous system, which will cause anxiety. So, it is recommended not to consume lavender at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery.
  2. Breastfeeding - There is not enough scientific proof yet to explain the importance of Lavender in breastfeeding. Though, it is highly recommended not to consume Lavender before consulting a doctor or physician as it might have a side effects on the baby.
  3. Moderate Medicine Interaction - Lavender may help have some sedatives, such as Barbiturates, and can lead to sleepiness and drowsiness. So, it's recommended not to consume lavender with medication or drugs
  4. Nausea and Vomiting - Overconsuming lavender tea might have side effects such as nausea and vomiting.

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