Down's syndrome: Ayurveda not only helps in treatment but may also successfully prevent this condition

Down Syndrome, as mentioned in the ancient scripture of Ayurveda, is a chromosomal condition that occurs when an error in cell division results in an extra chromosome, number 21.

Ayurveda can help prevent Down's syndrome. To help us understand more about this, Dr Smita Naram, Co-Founder, Ayurshakti, shares her knowledge with us.

Down's syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes intellectual disability and developmental problems. There is no cure for this condition and a doctor will, at the most, treat the associated health irregularities and try to prolong life. Children with Down's syndrome are often born with congenital heart defects and other health problems like immune disorders, endocrine problems and spinal problems, to name a few, follow soon after they come into this world. So basically, treatment for this condition involves treating the associated health problems to improve the quality of life of the patient. But Ayurveda, the ancient healing therapy from India, says that Down's syndrome can not only be cured but also prevented. If this is so, then it is sure to offer solace to countless parents around the world. To learn more about how Ayurveda can help with this condition, we reached out to Dr Smita Naram, Co-Founder, Ayurshakti. She shares her knowledge with us.

A chromosomal condition due to cell division error

According to Dr. Smita Naram, Co-Founder, Ayushakti, "Down's syndrome, as mentioned in the ancient scripture of Ayurveda, is a chromosomal condition that occurs when an error in cell division results in an extra chromosome, number 21. This defect can affect a person's cognitive ability and physical growth along with mild to moderate developmental issues and present a higher risk of health issues. Whichever BIJABHAGA (chromosome genes) participates in the conception. the baby will carry that character from the parent. If there are any defective chromosomes participating even the genetic defects will be transferred to the baby."

Detox and rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapies can prevent this abnormality

Dr Naram says that Ayurveda can help in various ways with Down's syndrome. "From what we have witnessed, one can take precautions to avoid the ill effects of Down's syndrome during the fertility period by preparing the expecting mother for detox and rejuvenation programs to help balance the chromosomes. This will help in avoiding abnormality during cell division," she says and adds, "Charaka Samhita recommends using the Jivaniya And Medhya Group of herbs. The Jivaniya group of herbs are rejuvenating at the DNA level and they help restore the normal functioning of the body at an Intracellular level. The Medhya group of herbs help develop the weight of the brain and brain capacity." The Charaka Sa hit or Compendium of Charaka is a Sanskrit text on Ayurveda. Along with the Su ruta-Sa hit , it is one of the two foundational Hindu texts of this field that have survived from ancient India.

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Ayurvedic treatment for this condition

There are many formulations in this healing therapy that can help in the treatment of Down's syndrome. "Ayurveda treatments and medicinal formula can help improve the functioning of the brain, bulging of the tongue, settlement of slanting of the eyes, improvement in the muscle tone, therefore, creating better mobility in the lives of someone who has Down's Syndrome," says Dr Naram.

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