Customised Ayurvedic Beauty Regime Offers Better Products At Pocket-Friendly Prices

Customised Ayurvedic Beauty Regime Offers Better Products At Pocket-Friendly Prices
Do not fall prey to advertisements and lures. Use products that's best for you. © Shutterstock

Choose the right product for your skin and hair. Here are more reasons to consider customised Ayurvedic beauty products.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : July 2, 2021 2:15 PM IST

Customization is inherent to Ayurveda. We are all discernibly different from each other in terms of our complexion, skin type, age, geographical location, diet, lifestyle, etc. Our beauty goals differ too. New age Ayurvedic beauty brands bring this age-old wisdom to personal care. Even when employed topically, Ayurveda intends to heal the humor (dosha) imbalances in your skin and hair to make you beautiful inside out.

The traditional Indian beauty regime consisted of massage, ubtan, cleansing, and toning with those luxurious floral waters of rose, lotus, and jasmine. Natural tints like Manjishtha follow this to highlight those lips and cheekbones, finishing with a sensual line of Kohl on the eyelids.

For every skin type and season around the year, the choice of oils for massage, ubtan herbs, and cleansing medium would differ. Ayurveda, to this day, earnestly yearns to hand you out a unique tailor-fit prescription for your personal care needs.

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Direct-to-consumer brands are able to offer true to text formulations that are customised for consumers at affordable prices because they optimise every other aspect of the business model. This allows them to pass on the savings directly to the consumer in the form of lower prices.

How are the new age Ayurvedic Beauty brands working to bring these ornate Ayurvedic beauty secrets in our life today?

Modernizing Ayurveda for easy use: The customers of yore managed to squeeze out more time to indulge in daily self-care acts. But for a modern customer, traipsing with ten things in her arms and self-care often is a difficult choice. Thus, the traditional herbal concoctions are transformed into easy-to-use regimes.

Leveraging tech: Artificial intelligence picks just the right product for your skin and hair needs with astonishing accuracy. So, no dawdling along overwhelming shelves of products in the market, wondering what's best for you. Also, not falling prey to advertisements and lures, only to be disappointed in the end.

Result-oriented: With a robust feedback mechanism, they quickly adapt to your changing beauty care needs. The products are chemical-free, traditionally Ayurvedic, botanical, and very effective.

The crisp and succinct choice saves you hours and protects you from adverse reactions. The joy of decluttering overfilled shelves of useless cosmetics is an additional Konmari bliss. And all that is so gentle on your pocket.

Ayurvedic knowledge is freely disseminated. Nature's worth is infinite, yet the actual price of these wondrous herbs is not very high. Thus, the products are very effective yet, priced modestly.

The artilce is contributed by Jatin Gujrati, Business Head at Vedix. At Vedix, his role involves leading the entire operations at the brand and the overall strategic vision of the company. The company aims to clock Rs 500 crore in revenues by 2026.

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