Homosexuality refers to sexual or romantic attractions to members of the same sex. It is one of the four sexual orientations along with heterosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality. Currently, there is no scientific consensus to explain why people are homosexual or gay.

Earlier, it was treated as a mental disorder but psychiatrists around the world have reached an understanding that it’s not. Sadly the scenario is still bad for homosexuals because of the negative societal attitude they continue to face. There’s a need to provide better healthcare services to homosexuals because they are particularly susceptible to HIV/AIDS due to lack of access and the stigma involved with the community.

Famous people like Freddie Mercury, Elton John and Vikram Seth have come out openly as gay thus establishing that homosexuality isn’t an ailment. In India, gay sex was decriminalised for a while, but was again criminalised by the Supreme Court under Section 377. 

Major internet companies like Google have openly extended their support to the homosexual community.


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