Backache refers to pain in the back that arises from muscles, joints, nerves or other structures in the spine. Backache is the most common problem that affects most people who work sitting at one place. Because of lack of movement and stretching and some other reasons like improper posture, hunching and twisting, the back muscles become stiffed or tensed. Pain can either radiate from the upper region to lower back or may be specific to certain points along the spine. Backache can become really irritating when the pain is constant irrespective of movement and sufficient rest. Generally, backache that is not caused by a serious condition gets better within 12 weeks with proper exercise, topical gels, sprays and corrective measures for posture. Prolonged backache may be due to a serious condition like slipped disc. In this section, you will find tips to prevent back pain, certain yoga exercises like surya namaskar for relieving back pain, tips to live with chronic back pain, etc. You can also find detailed information on what exactly causes chronic pains, treatment and surgeries for back pain and a guide on lower back pain.


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