AIDS is one of the most common yet devastating conditon a person can face. Known as Aquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrom, AIDs is often confused with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). AIDS is the final stage of HIV, and a person with HIV does necessarily have AIDS.  A person only progresses to suffering from AIDS if he/she is left untreated, and his/her condition progresses into full-blown AIDS where the immune system stops working. Thus the immune system is unable to protect the person from diseases or infections. Read more about the 12 common disease a person with HIV/AIDS is likely to suffer.

The virus can be transmitted from an HIV positive person through the exchange of body fluids. This can happen through sexual contact, blood transfusion, needles or from a mother to child during pregnancy. 

While, a person can aquire AIDS through unprotected sexual contact with an infected person and there are a number of ways one can protect themselves from contracting the disese. Read more about tips to prevent contracting an prevent spreading the disease. 

If a person thinks he/she is infected getting a test is as easy as getting a blood test. The test for detecting the disease are fairly simple, with instant dip stick tests that can give you results within a few minutes. But the key to getting the test done properly is to get tested atleast six months after you have had the unprotected contact. Read more abou the tests you can take for HIV

The most important thing everyone going for the test should remember is that if your tests come back prositive, it does not mean the end of your life. While the disease is not cureable it is definitely manaeable — there is a treatment plan known as the anti retroviral threapy that has proven to be very effective. Read more about 11 things you didn’t know about HIV.

Apart from that there are a number of myths and misconceptions about the disease. Things like one can get HIV by touching an infected person, or can get it if he/she comes into contact with their clothes and many more. While some may be rooted in the truth a majority of them are simply myths. So, if you want to know more about the facts and myths about AIDS, here is your guide


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