Also known as acne vulgaris or pimple, acne is a common skin infection which usually occurs when one hits puberty. It is characterised by a red swelling, the size of a boil on the face, neck or back. It is a result of the increase in the production of the hormone testosterone in both males and females. Excess secretion of sebum (oily liquid which prevents the skin from drying) also leads to the formation of acne. Other factors like dirt, oil, clogged pores, and wrong diet are also responsible for pimples. Certain medications that contain corticosteroids, androgens or lithium can also produce acne. This mega guide contains all you need to know about acne.

When there is an excess secretion of sebum (an oily liquid that keeps the skin from drying), it can result in the formation of acne or pimples. The most common areas of acne appearance are the face, near the chest and the back as they have more sebaceous follicles (which are responsible for secreting sebum). The dirt, oil and dead skin cells clog the skin pores which give rise to acne.

Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, zits, etc are all different grades of acne depending on the severity of the problem. Usually, when the bumps are tender and red, they are called pimples or zits and when they are small, congested pores they are known as comedones. The pus-filled, yellowish acne is pustules.

Home remedies for acne-free skin: Cinnamon and honey, Turmeric, Lemon juice. The latest advancements in treating acne are LED, light therapy, laser tech and skin peels.

There is a wide range of anti-acne medication available ranging from face wash, acne cream, acne mask, soaps, acne mark removal creams, etc. The ingredients in these products are mainly benzoxyl peroxide, salicylic acid and clindamycin. Though results are visible results within a week or two, the marks take 4-6 weeks to lighten completely. Apart from these, herbal preparation containing neem, tea tree oil are also effective in treating acne. 


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