Sex Queries

Headache when I masturbate. What could be the problem? (Sex query of the day)
What should you do if you suffer from a severe headache every time you orgasm? Dr Ramanathan has the answer.

Top sex positions

Top Sex Positions: Sitting Cowgirl
Put a spin on the woman-on-top sex position with the Sitting Cowgirl move


The Sexopedia Part 5 — the giant sex encyclopaedia (Gallery)
The Giant Sex Encyclopaedia that educates you about various sex terms is back!

Male sex problems

Infertility in men — diagnostic tests to identify the problem
1 out of 3 times, infertility is due to a problem with the man. Find out if you're infertile with these tests.

Female Sex Problems

Common carnal sins women make in bed
Women often end up putting their partners' need before theirs. However, a few changes can make a lot of difference.