What is the difference between painless vaccines and painful vaccines?

What is the difference between  painful vaccination and painless vaccination for children?

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The choice between a ‘pain full’ and a ‘pain less’ vaccine is available only in the DTP vaccine. This vaccine is used against Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertusis (the bacteria that causes whooping-cough). In this vaccine only the Pertusis part of the vaccine has been associated with side effects such as pain, fever and irritability. The DTP vaccine is of two types, the DTaP vaccine and the DTwP vaccine. In the DTaP vaccine, the ‘a’ stands for acellular, meaning it is made with the parts of the Pertusis bacteria, while in the DTwP vaccine the ‘w’ stands for whole cell, meaning it is made up of the entire cell of the deactivated organism. The DTaP vaccine is also known as the ‘painless’ vaccine because it does not contain the entire cell of the bacteria, and does not cause common side effects such as fever, pain etc. The DTaP vaccine is a more expensive form and is not that different from the DTwP vaccine.

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