fertility foodA recent piece in the Daily Mail Online, claimed that raspberries can improve fertility in men thanks to nutrients like Vitamin C and magnesium (boosts testosterone) and its high antioxidant value decreases the chance of miscarriages during conception for women. Sadly, raspberries are beyond the purchasing capacity of most Indians, not to mention very scarcely available. But you don’t need to fret while the good people of www.thehealthsite.com are there; here’s a list of affordable food items that can boost fertility in men and women:

Foods that can boost fertility in men

Fresh fruits

Fruits are great thanks to the high levels of Vitamin C which ensures the potency and quality of your sperm. If you want to be a daddy, we would recommend at least two portions of fruits like lemon, sweet lime (mousambi in Hindi), oranges  and mangoes. They’re all rich packed with nutrients and antioxidants and won’t hit your wallet as hard. (Also read: A bachelor’s guide to eating healthy)


Garlic’s health benefits are well-known but various studies have shown that it has aphrodisiac properties and also helps improve blood circulation. No wonder that Twilight fellow looked so peakish and pale! (Also read: 15 health benefits of garlic)


Rich in fatty acids, many kinds of fish can help you become fit and fertile and get your little ones swimming! Fish contains Essential Fatty Acids which helps improve circulation around the reproductive system and boosts sperm quality in the process! (Also read: Top foods for enhancing fertility)

Foods that can boost fertility in women


Meat which is packed with iron is great for reducing the risk of infertility arising during the ovulation process. It also helps boost red blood cells while reducing the threat of anaemia which can lead to severe complications during pregnancies. (Also read: Revealed – the truth about non-vegetarian food!)


Nuts of various varieties including almonds and walnuts which are rich in Vitamin E content heightens the female sex drive while protecting the embryos from miscarriages.  (Also read: Top 10 heart healthy foods)


It’s found that baked potatoes are rich in Vitamin B and E which enhances cell division, increasing the likelihood of a healthy ova being produced. 


Eggs are an extremely small power-packed nutrition source that boosts fertility. It contains Vitamin B12 and folate which minimises birth defects. In addition, it’s rich in antioxidants and cartenoids which all boost fertility in women. (Also read: Eggs – good or bad for health?)

So don’t worry if you find raspberries too expensive or frivolous, there are enough affordable food items which can boost your fertility without hitting your pocket. Oh yes and here are some things you should avoid that cause infertility. 

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