babyMy daughter is 3 years 10 months old. She has cross vision or squint. I am not sure what is the best age to consult a doctor and what to do further. Please guide us on how to improve her vision. 

If you have noticed cross vision or squint in your daughter it is the best that you seek help from an pediatric ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Squint or misalignment of eyes can also lead to other vision problems in future and the notion that a squint gets better with age is a misconception.

The treatment for squint depends on the severity of the squint, the cause of it and how much is it damaging the vision. Squint correction my either need surgical intervention or can be tackled by simply using a pair of spectacles. But whatever the treatment option, your doctor would be the best one to guide you after a detailed eye check-up. Read to know how strabismus or squint can be corrected. 

Delaying the process can lead to severe vision problems and make surgical interventions inevitable. Remember early treatment and diagnosis can help a child gain back corrective vision with better functional results than treatment received at an older age. So do not delay the treatment.

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