SmileBollywood is home to some of the most gorgeous women in the world. While figures and styles change with time and the voluptous ladies of yesteryear are giving way to stick-thin ‘Size Zero’ heroines, one characteristic that hasn’t change is their smile. Since time immemorial, B-town’s leading ladies have enraptured us with their mesmerizing smiles. Do you like the classic Madhuri Dixit smile? The naughty smiles that belong to Genelia and Preity? How about Chitrangadha and Vidya Balan’s sexy smiles? Or do you prefer Sushmita’s and Deepika’s confident smiles? 

Take part in our poll and tell us who you think has the most gorgeous smile in B-town: 



  • roshan sharma

    HI I’M ROSHAN SHARMA AND I’M BEST FRIEND MADHURI JI BECAUSE SHE IS A VERY BEAUTYFULL AND SHE IS SMILE IS always killer smile that’s why I like her and one important thing she is always be love matter movies that’s why I like she plz vote give her madhuri ji plz plz

  • karci

    preity the best smile ever <3