A day after news channels showed a sweeper stitching wounds and a ward boy administering injections in the Bulandshahr district hospital the state’s health and welfare minister Ahmed Hasan ordered a probe in the case. “I have already sent the additional health director to investigate, and will receive the report by this evening. Those found guilty will face action. Laxity will not be tolerated and stern action will be taken against errant staff,” Hasan told reporters.

The hospital are still sticking to the story that the staff were trained to carry out these complicated duties. Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) Shishir Kumar said, “The clip that is being shown on TV, the ward boy in it has even worked in the OT (operation theatre) for 10 years. Apart from that, his duty is in the dressing room as well. He is perfectly trained for dressing purposes.” He added that it all happened in his supervision.

V K Sharma, additional health director, Meerut Zone, who also visited the hospital in the wake of the telecast, also said, “They (ward boys) were not operating. The man was working as an assistant…He was the OT assistant.” Sharma said, “I have suggested to Dr Shishir Kumar (CMS) that in future they should make a proper contingent and only the doctors should carry out stitches or operate on patients…There should be no stitching by other staff.”

Meanwhile, a similar incident was reported from the Ballia district hospital. When asked to comment, officiating chief medical superintendent, Dr PK Singh said that he would inquire the matter.


  • Jamal Hindustani

    Though it is disheartening to see lack of doctors in our system, it is good to see that at least a life was saved in case of emergency without having to wait for a doctor to attend. The child might have lost lot of blood. He might have been attended by non doctor employee, but everything was done on surety under senior supervision as well as only because of the emergency which had cropped up due to an unfortunate accident. At least all patients were treated well and nobody died or suffered unattended like generally what happens in our medical system. It comes as an eye-opener, that more than engineering and MBA colleges, we need medical pass outs to fill all the vacancies. Medical pass outs want to practice privately or with private hospitals. Nobody wants to enter the rural sector for health which is sad. Instead of making issue of a cleaner and authorities etc, we should take issue of medical persons’ shortage in our country more seriously. In time of emergency, even the fundamental rights and duties are put to hold.. not because anybody wants to play with lives, but because emergency decisions have to be taken quickly as priority has to be benefit of the citizens… Which is Safe Life!! People dying outside govt hospitals untreated.. just because MBBS graduates opt for abroad studies and NRI status instead of taking up rural health responsibility. There is not even a single time in govt. medical services history when only doctors were involved in the treatment from start till end … para medical staff / helping hands are very necessary I believe… nothing wrong should happen to the patient, no para medc should be allowed to operate, but atleast stiches to a kid by a para medic who has more than 10 yrs experience, when his life is in danger, is not be made issue of this.. but the insight should be on need of the hour!! Better and more medical staff.. at least no one went unattended and are totally safe.