BackacheScientists might have found a revolutionary way to cure back pain. Tiny, artificial rollers, which mimics the flexibility of the spine! Developed by a team at Brigham Young University in the U.S., the “roller” when inserted in the spine replaces damaged discs and provides the same range of movement as the real one.

The replacement disc has a rolling action to allow the spine to move in different directions. It’s intended as an alternative to fusion, where bones either side of the damaged disc area are welded together to reduce pain, the Daily Mail reported. Spinal discs, which contain a gel-like substance, help, cushion the vertebrae during movement. While they are critical for movement, the discs can become the source of back pain when they degenerate. Treatment ranges from painkillers and physiotherapy, to different types of surgery.

One of the most common forms is spinal fusion, in which the vertebrae on either side of the damaged disc are welded together to make one solid bone. However, the operation can limit the flexibility of the spine and restrict movement. To overcome this problem, the Brigham team designed and developed the artificial roller that can move forwards and backwards, as well as side to side.

The device is inserted between the vertebra and disc — tiny spikes in the plates anchor it in place, leaving the roller unimpeded. Early tests on animals and human spines suggest that the device does provide significantly more flexibility than standard disc replacement.

The researchers are now using the device in larger clinical trials. If they are successful, they hope to launch the technology in the next three years. Commenting on the technology, Jane Tadman of Arthritis Research U.K. said: “We welcome news of this new implant. Disc replacement allows a close approximation to the normal spine by allowing it to remain flexible, however new designs need adequate testing.”  

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    iam keenly waiting for this device . it gives new life to suffered ones

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    any idea when will it available in market for common man ?

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    one of the major problem in the world will reduce.thanks for such research made by scientist.


    what’s the cure of ankylosing spondylitis. is that same treatment 100% helpful.

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    Does this help even the spine in the back of the neck? Spinal injury is one of the serious injuries these days. If it becomes affordable then it will benefit lot of people..

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    its really a great achievement by scientists as in today’s world even youngsters are suffered from the spinal problems,might be due to increasing use of computers etc

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    it may be a great achivement for older people in their later life span

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