According to Scotland’s NHS Dumfries and Galloway, the best way to keep healthy is having an orgasm – daily!  The health board is even advising patients to spice up their sex lives by having quickies, bringing some sex toys and also includes tips to use fantasies to romp up your sex life. The advice has been posted on the board’s sexual health website,

The campaigntitled Let’s Talk About Sex – Shades of Pleasure is a refreshing change from the unrealistic and inexplicable abstinence-only/use condoms/sex is dangerous stand that most healthcare services and agencies take.

The campaign has gone on to explain the health benefits of sex like lowering blood pressure, burning calories, releasing tension, de-stressing and even reducing pain. The site adds,  ‘Talking about how you can introduce a new position, a new technique or perhaps a new sex toy into the bedroom might be stimulation enough, but when you get tired of talking about it, putting it into action might be better. Everyone has unique fantasies, tastes and preferences when it comes to sex. From ear lobes to ankles, pirates to picnics – do not be afraid to talk about them.’

Why orgasms are good for you?

Various studies have suggested that there is a link between orgasms and good health. This is perhaps because of the link between your overall and sexual health. So it’s not just pleasure for pleasure’s sake. A person who is sexually active has higher levels of immunity. Sex also is a great calorie burner and stress buster. Orgasms serve a higher evolutionary purpose as well. In men, orgasms are usually coupled with ejaculation which is necessary in reproduction.