Medical negligence has landed a woman in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital at Tondiarpet. Reports say that the woman suffered from acute infection due to the negligence of a surgeon who left a used gauze swab inside her during a surgery. The infection causing gauze swab has been since removed. According to the woman’s husband the mishap occurred when a  Caesarian Section was performed on the woman to deliver the couples second child. The incident allegedly took place in February this year. Ever since the childbirth, the victim reportedly complained of stomach ache and constant bowel trouble. The couple approached the same hospital where their child was delivered – Malligai Hospital in Tondiarpet – for treatment. As expected the doctors attributed the discomfort to indigestion and dissuaded her from seeking further treatment. Finally, a few days ago, the patient underwent scans at Vandana Hospital in the same area, where doctors are believed to have noticed the surgical swab lodged in her intestine. They operated on her and removed the swab but she had to be admitted to the ICU for two days. The husband , a civil contractor, said that when they approached the hospital that ostensibly made the mistake, they initially agreed to compensate them. However, on Monday evening, hospital emissaries lodged a complaint against the patient claiming that he was threatening doctors , according to a police official at the Tondiarpet police station. Within an hour, Mahesh and a few lawyers also lodged a complaint about the alleged medical negligence. According to police sources, the lawyers from both sides jostled around for the police to take some action. The representatives of the hospital were not present for any reactions.



  • sridhar

    Who are te present doctors in Tamilnadu? Those who got seats through reservation. I will never trust any Tamilnadu doctor.